Saffir-Simpson Scale

After a hurricane goes through its stages and matures, it still can intensify to certain sizes and strengths. Much like that of humans once they’re adults. This all depends on the right environmental factors and whether or not it is near land. The Saffir-Simpson Scale is a way to indicate the strength of these storms by their sustained wind speed, and central barometric pressure.

Footage of the rising waters along Raritan Bay in South Amboy’s Waterfront Park as Hurricane Irene approached in late August 2011.
Category/ClassificationWinds (mph)Pressure (in. of Hg)Damage
Category One Hurricane74-95 mph>=28.94 in. of Hg.Minimal Damage
Category Two Hurricane96-110 mph28.50-28.91 in. of HgSignificant Damage
Category Three Hurricane111-129 mph27.91-28.47 in. of HgSevere Damage
Category Four Hurricane130-156 mph27.17-27.88 in. of HgExtreme Damage
Category Five Hurricane>156 mph<27.17 in.of HgCatastrophic Damage
Table 1: The Saffir-Simpson Scale