Origins of Hurricanes: Where Storms Form

The origins of hurricanes can be almost anywhere in the Tropical Atlantic Basin. From the West Coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

There are several prime areas where development can occur depending on the time of year, and whether or not the necessary environmental conditions are in place. Here are the most common places for hurricanes to develop in the Atlantic Basin.

Gulf Of Mexico – This is a very favorable region for hurricane development since water temperatures range from 85 to 90 degrees during the course of the hurricane season.

Western Caribbean – While the Eastern and Central Caribbean are usually not favorable areas for development since upper-level winds are usually hostile, the Western Caribbean is more favorable since these same winds lessen.

Cape Verde Islands – This is probably the most common area for the development of many of the classic and powerful hurricanes. This region usually doesn’t become favorable for development until August when water temperatures become warm enough to support tropical formation.

Note: These areas are the most common places for hurricane development, but they can occur elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin including the Northwestern and Central Atlantic as well as the Central and Eastern Caribbean.