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PURPOSE: To provide accurate, useful, and timely information to those threatened by a tropical storm or hurricane, or conducting research on them.
Do you live near the coast, have ever experienced a landfalling hurricane, or are you looking for information about hurricanes for a report or a research project? Well, your search for quality hurricane information has ended.

Hurricaneville will not only have you prepared for a hurricane, but it will provide a basic understanding of these powerful forces in nature, and updated information about the latest hurricane, or tropical storm from the latest satellite and radar imagery as well as the human impact of these vicious storms on the cities they slam into.

There will be information on how to prepare for these storms, and how to stay safe during and after they pass. There will also be discussion on current issues in life that are affected by hurricanes such as the building codes controversy in Southern Florida. Hurricaneville will try to bring you the best information so that you are thoroughlyprepared when and if a hurricane threatens your area.

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