Hurricane City To Have Kickoff Broadcast Of 2007 Season On Friday

Good afternoon everyone. Sorry that I’ve been away, but I’ve been busy with personal things that needed to be taken care of, working overtime at my job, and of course, the Memorial Day Holiday. Anyway, for those who aren’t aware and not on the Hurricaneville Mailing List, Jim Williams and his web site, Hurricane City, along with his Weather Audio Broadcast Network (WABN), are going to have its annual kickoff broadcast for the upcoming hurricane season on Friday, June 1st at 8:00 PM EDT. Prior to the start of the show, Hurricane City will stream footage from NOAA’s 50 years of hurricane research starting at 7:00 PM EDT.

To listen to this broadcast, make sure that you have downloaded Windows Media Player, and then go to the live broadcast page at If you have a Mac like myself, you can download the Mac version of Windows Media Player at the Apple Mac OS X web site. You can also subscribe to the Hurricane City broadcast list, where you can gain access to all recorded files on the web site by going to Be forwarned that you may have to pay a small fee of about $10 or so.