Thunderstorms Possible This Afternoon and Evening in New Jersey

Some Storms Could Be Severe As Front Approaches From West

Over the last couple weeks here in New Jersey, there has been a tremendous amount of humidity. Last weekend, dew points were in the upper 70s to low 80s. For example, the dew point on Saturday at GWC was 82, and it was 81 last Sunday. Although storms earlier this week quelled some of the humidity, the dew points have remained quite high.

After some pleasant weather on Wednesday, the dew points went back up into the low to mid 70s from Thursday to Sunday morning. Fortunately, temperatures weren’t as warm as they were during the recent heatwave so conditions have been a bit more comfortable. A refreshing change is on the way though, but it will come as the result of some afternoon and evening thunderstorms on Sunday.

A cold front has been pushing eastward through the country. On Saturday, the frontal system was responsible for producing severe weather in Michigan and Ohio as well as other locations in the Midwest. There were 11 different severe weather reports from the weather on Saturday in Michigan and Ohio, which is the most since July 7th according to The Weather Channel.

Now, the front is pushing into the Northeast. Showers and storms are already firing up in Western Pennsylvania and New York, and that weather will be inching closer and closer to the Garden State, New York City, and Philadelphia as the day progresses on Sunday. Storms are forecast to affect GWC and Central Jersey sometime during the late afternoon and early evening.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has put sections of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey under a marginal risk for severe storms. The National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly, New Jersey issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for the entire Garden State on Sunday. Conditions possible with these storms include strong wind gusts, hail, heavy rainfall, and dangerous cloud to ground lightning.

So far this month, GWC has received far less rain than it did in July. As of this morning, there has only been 1.30 inches of rain here in South Plainfield. Last month, there was over six inches of rain. June saw several inches of rainfall. There have been a number of severe weather incidents at GWC within the past month. Most notable were the incidents on July 18th and July 25th. Both events were spurred on by tremendous heat and humidity.

There were some strong storms overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday at GWC. Heavy thunder with vivid lightning accompanied these storms, which also had some gusty winds that brought down large tree limbs not only in the neighborhood outside GWC, but also in nearby Piscataway. Yesterday, the heat and humidity produced storms that dumped torrential rain in Long Island during the early afternoon. Behind the front will be some welcome changes though.

After some lingering showers on Monday morning, the temperature and dew point levels will drop. The Mercury will have a tough time getting into the 80s over the next two or three days early next week, and lows will dip into the 50s. Dew points will be much more comfortable. So, there will be some short term pain with the storms this afternoon, but that will yield a much deserved reward to start the final two weeks of August.