Is Isaac Finally Showing Signs Of Strengthening?

Storm Appears To Be Trying To Form An Eye; Pressure Falls Five Millibars This Morning

Hurricaneville continues to monitor Tropical Storm Isaac as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico. The storm has had a long history of teasing the experts and the rest of us by having flare ups during the course of its day only to level off, and even in some cases wane. Isaac has been battling dry air throughout most of its lifetime. Most recently, the dry air is being fed into the storm from an upper level low over the Yucatan Peninsula.

On Monday morning, however, there appear to be signs of intensification finally taking place in the storm. The latest radar imagery courtesy of the Weather Channel is showing an eye trying to form in the circulation. In addition, the 8:00 AM Advisory from the National Hurricane Center indicates a pressure drop to 988 millibars. Less than twelve hours ago, the pressure had increased to 993 millibars. Could this be another tease by the storm. All depends on how much moisture can begin to get into the southern side of the circulation.

The storm is now within optimal conditions for strengthening with the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico ranging between 85 and 87 degrees, which is well above the required 80 degrees for intensification. In addition, upper level winds are relatively light. The problem for Isaac has been that it has not been able to form a well defined core, and get that rapid intensification engine going because it has been constantly plagued by the dry air. Since the storm has not been able to strengthen into a hurricane, the NHC’s latest forecast discussion (5:00 AM EDT on August 27th) has backed off its projection of a Category Two storm by landfall.

Will Isaac get its act together this time? This is the question of the day for those tracking the storm.