Say Adios To Hector

Last Advisory Issued On East Pacific Storm That Was Formerly Ernesto

Activity is quieting down in the Eastern Pacific on this Friday morning. There are no active tropical systems, or any new disturbances throughout the basin. The latest storm, Hector, weakened to a depression on Wednesday, and then became a remnant low early Friday morning. The storm, which was the eighth this season in the EPAC, was formerly Hurricane Ernesto when it was in the Atlantic theater last week. After emerging on the Pacific side of Mexico, the storm was not able to really gain any momentum.

Peak winds with Hector reached 45 miles per hour on a couple of occasions. The storm passed to the south of Socorro Island in the Eastern Pacific and then passed very close to Clarion Island. Hector had been a tropical storm for the better part of four days before weakening to a depression on Wednesday afternoon. The combination of wind shear and cooler sea surface temperatures helped bring about the storm’s demise. With Hector gone, the Eastern Pacific has had eight named storms with six of those becoming hurricanes. Two of those hurricanes became major storms. Hector broke a string of six straight hurricanes in the EPAC this season.