Finally A Sigh Of Relief In The Wake Of The Storm

Flood Waters Recede In My Neighborhood

For those of you that I have been following the blog in recent days, I have been posting about my own personal plight in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  On Sunday morning, my family had to evacuate our home in South Plainfield.  So, we’ve been staying in a hotel nearby.

However, this morning, I was contacted by the town’s police chief, who stated that the flood waters have receded in my neighborhood, and residents are in clean-up mode.  My brother was able to get to the house a little while ago, and confirmed this.  The flooding in the cellar is not too bad.  Worse than ever before, but nothing got further than maybe the second step on the cellar stairs.  It peaked at about two and a half feet.

As of early this morning, the borough of South Plainfield was under a state of emergency.  Residents were told to stay off the roads so that police, fire, rescue squad, and emergency management personnel could use the streets.  Things are looking up.  There may be a massive clean-up ahead for the family, but I feel relieved that the waters have gone down, and most importantly, didn’t get into the house.