Double Trouble In Western Pacific

While conditions in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific are relatively placid, there is plenty of action in the Western Pacific. We have a Category One strength typhoon that made landfall in Southern China within the past 24 hours while a Super Typhoon is still going strong. Tropical Storm Koppu made landfall in Southern China near Hong Kong, and produced wind gusts of up to 71 miles per hour there according to the Weather Channel. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center has issued its final advisory on the storm, which is now inland over southern portions of China.

Meanwhile, there is our Super Typhoon Choi-Wan, which is located approximately 165 miles north of Saipan. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 150 miles per hour. Further strengthening is expected with this system as it moves to the Northwest and then North over the next 48 to 72 hours. The forecast track has the storm passing well to the south of mainland Japan, but threatening the island of Iwo To over time. More details on these two storms will be out later today.