New Jersey Catastrophe Fund Bill Re-Introduced

Earlier on Tuesday, I received an e-mail from my local Assemblyman here in New Jersey, Patrick Diegnan of Middlesex regarding the status of a bill for the New Jersey Catastrophe Fund. Back in June 2006, the bill was first introduced by Assemblyman Michael Panter of Monmouth County. See the assembly bill number A3236 and state senate bill number S2620 number Panter, who served in the Assembly from 2004 to 2008, was defeated in the 2007 New Jersey legislative elections.

The bill was stalled in committees, and never was voted on or approved before the previous session of the legislature ended in December. However, Hurricaneville was informed on Monday by Assemblyman Diegnan that the bill was going to be re-introduced. As a matter of fact, Diegnan is being asked to be a co-sponsor of the bill. Diegnan was also a co-sponsor of the original bill back in 2006. The bill number for the new session is: A2198, and is being re-introduced by Herb Conaway of Delran in Burlington County.