Getting Ready For Hurricane Season 2008

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–Over the past two weeks, Hurricaneville and Greg’s Weather Center has been slowly getting ready for the upcoming hurricane season. One of the obvious things that you will see is all of the timelapse photography video that we’ve posted to the web site. In our YouTube videos section, you can check out 12 videos that include the biggest snowstorm of the 2007-08 winter season here in Central Jersey, and a severe weather event that affected the area on March 8th. We hope that you enjoy them.

In addition, Hurricaneville has been firing up the mailing list with numerous articles that we’ve dug up since the final month or so of the 2007 Hurricane Season up and through the present. We do this to provide you with news stories that you might not be aware of about hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe weather in addition to the latest happenings on the web site. There have been some interesting stories as of late such as the new online tool being introduced by Google that provides storm surge levels to residents affected by storms, and advises them whether or not to evacuate their area. In addition, Bryan Norcross and Max Mayfield have introduced a weather disaster model that has been sold to private company.

Finally, Greg Machos made another trip to his local Emergency Management Office in South Plainfield to obtain some more storm preparedness and safety material. Included in that material is a CD-ROM with a number of brochures covering all kinds of subjects. These brochures as well as some others will be posted to the Hurricaneville Downloads page in the near future. So, we’re getting ourselves into the swing of things. Sorry that there hasn’t been much going on over the past few months, but the basketball season was quite busy for me, and my job situation was changing as well.