Thunderstorms Roll Through Central Jersey–August 17, 2007

Good late morning to you all. As you have been probably seeing on the home page, I’ve been keeping up to date with the latest developments surrounding Hurricane Dean since yesterday, and have added some articles in the blog about it as well as an update to both the Hurricaneville Storm Report, and Tracking the Tropics. Simultaneously, I’ve been compiling some footage of the couple waves of severe thunderstorms that rolled through the Central Jersey area on late Friday afternoon.

Starting at about 3:45 PM EDT on Friday, August 17th, a couple lines of thunderstorms moved through the area with a brief break in between before everything finally wrapped up after 6:00 PM EDT. Since I had worked on Thursday night, I slept through most of it, but did manage to hear some of the commotion. My mother told me that there was plenty of wind, rain, and thunder so it was wonderful to be able to capture some of it on the GWC Webcam. I’ve made a timelapse video of the stormy weather that lasts a little under four minutes. I’ve posted it at YouTube as well as the user video portion of the Weather Channel web site. You can view it by taking a look below: