Barry’s Remnants Pack A Wallop For New Jersey

Good afternoon everyone. Although the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry just brought a relatively moderate amount of rain here in Northwestern Middlesex Coounty in New Jersey, it did pack a wallop in other places. The storm brought 1.36 inches of rain to South Plainfield, which fell within the expected rainfall amounts of one to two inches. However, other parts of the Garden State as well as New York City, Westchester County in New York, and Long Island received much more as heavier rain bands swept through during the early evening hours on Sunday, and returned for the morning rush hour on Monday. Anywhere from one to three inches fell during the overnight in the New York Metropolitan area, and up to another three inches fell during the early portion of the day on Monday.

The Jersey Shore and Northeastern New Jersey had heavier bands of precipitation pass through their regions on Sunday afternoon, evening, and then on Monday morning. These bands contained some embedded thunderstorms according to the radar imagery. Much of this heavier precipitation stayed to the east of Northwestern Middlesex County, which didn’t really start getting steadier and more moderate intensity rainfall until after 8:00 PM on Sunday night. Barometric pressure in South Plainfield dropped to 29.26 inches of Hg, or 991 mb according to the GWC Weather Station. Winds ranged between 15 and 25 mph in the center of town according to observations made early on June 4th in the Firefighters Memorial Park. At GWC, winds were between 1 and 5 mph due to the close proximity of the weather station to the ground, and the fricition caused by the trees and houses nearby.

Here is some video footage of the storm posted at