More Rain Here In New Jersey

Good morning again. I had some problems with my network connection on Tuesday afternoon, and just got things fixed up a little while ago. Anyway, it was another stormy night here in much of New Jersey. My weather station reported that there was 0.86 inches of rain from the storm. Approximately 0.58 inches fell on Tuesday night, and another 0.28 inches fell on Wednesday morning. There could be a bit more rain before the storm finally clears out. There was quite a bit of thunder and lightning associated with the storm system, which consisted of a frontal boundary along with low pressure riding along it.

Vivid lightning displays could be seen in portions of the New York Metropolitan area. One area in Queens had several bolts of lightning come down overnight. While the rain wasn’t as significant as say the storm several days ago, or the April Nor’easter that struck over two weeks ago, it still wasn’t needed. The ground here is still very saturated, and rivers and creeks don’t need much to swell and go over their banks. To put the rainfall situation here in New Jersey in perspective, there could be no rain from now until July 4th, and the Garden State would still have above average rainfall for the year so far.

Local forecasts are calling for the skies to gradually clear on Wednesday, and give way to great weather for the rest of the week, and this weekend. Indications are that the next batch of rain won’t occur until early next week. Although long range forecasts aren’t usually 100 percent correct, let’s hope this one is true.