About Our Guide

Greg Machos, the resident hurricane fanatic that will be your guide through this website once again welcomes you to Hurricaneville, hopes you enjoy your stay and get a lot of information from it.

Greg’s background is quite varied. Greg has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey in 1993, and on May 19, 2007, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at University College at Rutgers University.

He also completed the requirements for a minor in Meteorology in December 2004 and received a certificate for Technical Writing from the Rutgers Writing Program in December 2002.At the left is a picture of him next to a Hurricane Evacuation route sign while he was in Jacksonville, Florida in 1998.

However, since Greg was eight years old, he was very interested in weather, particularly in tracking snowstorms and hurricanes. In 1995, he used that passion to create his first website which would eventually become Greg’s Weather Center.

In 2006, GWC began its return to the online world with its own domain name, and web space, not something that belongs on AOL or Yahoo.

The new version of the website has the latest and archived imagery from Greg’s backyard webcam, current, almanac, and summary weather data as well as monthly and yearly climate information from his Davis Weather Monitor II station.

At the left is a picture of Greg next to a Hurricane Evacuation route sign during a trip to Jacksonville, Florida in 1998.

Hurricaneville has also grown quite a bit, and it has plenty of information on hurricanes. It has also provided Greg with many other Internet opportunities in weather such as working for NEMAS as a tropical forecaster during the Hurricane Season, and a weather news reporter for Your-Weather.

Greg worked at NEMAS for six years before stepping down in 2005, and two years at Your-Weather before moving on.

Early on in the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Greg gained some good experience when he was appointed Acting Forecaster In Charge for the Tropical Forecast Division of NEMAS.

During his brief tenure, Greg held together the forecast team by virtue of his trademark hard work, and dedication.

In 2003, Greg began to pursue his weather interests even more seriously by taking up the Meteorology Minor program at Rutgers University’s Cook College.

He took courses such as Elements of Meteorology and Climatology, Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Synoptic Analysis, and Weather Systems. Greg also got involved in extracurricular activities during his time at Cook College as a student member of the American Meteorology Society, and the Rutgers Meteorology Club.