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When a tropical storm, or hurricane develops, it is assigned a name by the National Hurricane Center This is so that these particular systems can be identified and explained easily to the people who may be affected by them during the course of a hurricane season.

The naming of tropical storms and hurricanes began in 1953 when the National Weather Service gave the storms female names. Then in 1979, to go along with the times, the National Hurricane Center began to issue both male and female names. They used a rotating list of storm names over a six year cycle, and then recycle the list every six years unless, a storm or hurricane name is retired. When you're done, you can check out the Atlantic storm names.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Agatha Adrian Aletta Alvin Amanda Andres
Blas Beatriz Bud Barbara Boris Blanca
Celia Calvin Carlotta Cosme Cristina Carlos
Darby Dora Daniel Dalilla Douglas Dolores
Estelle Eugene Emilia Erick Elida Enrique
Frank Fernanda Fabio Flossie Fausto Felicia
Georgette Greg Gilma Gil Genevieve Guillermo
Howard Hilary Hector Henriette Hernan Hilda
Isis Irwin Ileana Ivo Iselle Ignacio
Javier Jova John Juliette Julio Jimena
Kay Kenneth Kristy Kiko Karina Kevin
Lester Lidia Lane Lorena Lowell Linda
Madeline Max Miriam Mario Marie Marty
Newton Norma Norman Narda Norbert Nora
Orlene Otis Olivia Octave Odalys Olaf
Paine Pilar Paul Priscilla Polo Pamela
Roslyn Ramon Rosa Raymond Rachel Rick
Seymour Selma Sergio Sonia Simon Sandra
Tina Todd Tara Tico Trudy Terry
Virgil Veronica Vicente Velma Vance Vivian
Winifried Wiley Willa Wallis Winnie Waldo
Xavier Xina Xavier Xina Xavier Xina
Yolanda York Yolanda York Yolanda York
Zeke Zelda Zeke Zelda Zeke Zelda

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Whenever, there is a devastating hurricane (usually one that is a major hurricane, and has caused significant damage) in any portion of the Eastern Pacific Basin, that hurricane's name is retired from the list for at least ten years, and probably forever so that future names are not confused with it. This helps a great deal with insurance claims, and legal issues surrounding the storm's impact. Below is a list of all retired names to date.

  • Adele--1970
  • Adolph--2001
  • Alma--2008
  • Fefa--1991
  • Fico--1978
  • Hazel--1965
  • Iva--1988
  • Knut--1987
  • Ismael--1995
  • Israel--2001
  • Patricia--2015
  • Pauline--1997
  • Kenna--2002
  • Manuel--2013
  • Odile--2014
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