TWC’s Hurricane Hunters–A Reality Show Worth Watching

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Weather Channel Reality TV Show Focuses On Crews That Fly Into Hurricanes

Finally, a reality TV show that is actually dealing with reality! About a month or so ago, I was told by a friend of mine that the Weather Channel was going to begin broadcasting a reality TV show that dealt with the hurricane hunters, or air force reconnaissance crews that fly into tropical cyclones in both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.

While I have not been able to watch a full episode of Hurricane Hunters yet, I did play clips from some of them on my iPad about a week ago. I found the show to be very interesting. The episodes clearly show the different aspects of a typical day for a Hurricane Hunter crew member. These crews fly various types of missions including low level flights into tropical disturbances, dangerous flights into Eastern Pacific storms close to the mountains of Southern Mexico, and several flights into the major story of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Hurricane Irene.

The show does a great job of detailing the various tasks of the Hurricane Hunters as well as the different types hazards that they deal with on each mission. One episode does a great job of discussing the history of the Hurricane Hunters, which dates back to the first flights into storms in the Gulf of Mexico towards the end of World War II. I’m not a big fan of reality TV although I have grown to like American Chopper on the Discovery Channel, but Hurricane Hunters on the Weather Channel has me interested.

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