Hurricane Irene Ranked Seventh Costliest Hurricane Ever

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Storm Also Ranked As Tenth Costliest Weather Disaster

Hurricane Irene was not among the most powerful storms of all time in the Atlantic. However, the storm still packed a wallop, and it was felt over the most populated region of the United States. The storm could have been a lot worse, but it still ends up as one of the most costliest hurricanes and weather disasters of all time.

Causing just under $16 billion in damage, Irene now ranks in the top ten among hurricane and weather disasters. The only landfalling U.S. hurricane in 2011 now ranks as the seventh costliest hurricane of all time. Only Katrina (2005), Andrew (1992), Ike (2008), Wilma (2005), Ivan (2004), and Category One Hurricane of all time. The storm dumped over 5 inches of rain here in South Plainfield. Coupled with the 10 inches that fell prior to the storm, parts of Northwestern Middlesex County had the worst flooding in 40 years.

Some of the hardest hit states by the hurricane were North Carolina, New Jersey, and Vermont. Thanks to the devastation and deaths caused by the storm (48), Irene became the 76th storm to be retired since 1954.

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