Tornadoes Touch Down Across Mid-Atlantic

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Over the past few days, there has been some severe weather that has produced tornadoes across the Mid-Atlantic region. An EF0 Tornado struck the Northeast portion of Philadelphia on Wednesday while a couple EF1 twisters hit near Hagerstown, Maryland.

The tornado that struck the City of Brotherly Love caused damage to several businesses including a beer distributor, a restaurant and bar, and a car repair shop. Two people were injured, but not seriously, and there were no fatalities. The storm had winds of minimal hurricane force at 75 miles per hour, and was approximately 100 feet wide. It traveled a distance of some 300 feet.

It was the first twister to strike any part of Philadelphia since January 18, 1999 when one hit the south section of the city injuring 18 people. After several days of torrential rains from a pesky low pressure system in the eastern part of the United States, the sun has tried to come out, and that has heated up all the moisture in the air, and created some instability. Meanwhile, there was more tornado sightings in the Northern and Western portions of Maryland. A couple of twisters were sighted near the city of Hagerstown just south of the border with Pennsylvania.

The twister produced a large wedge funnel cloud that was seen from several vantage points. Large hail was reported near Frederick, Maryland while an EF0 tornado struck the town of Wolfsville in Frederick County, and an EF1 tornado hit the town of Maugansville near Hagerstown. The EF1 twister produced winds between 90 to 100 miles per hour. Both storms caused minor damage with no injuries. See all the pictures from the Maryland twisters courtesy of examiner.com.

Late last month, a tornado was confirmed in Plumstead, New Jersey in Ocean County, and had winds of 90 miles per hour.

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