Weather Station Woes

Posted in General, GWC News at 10:31 pm by gmachos

Good evening everyone. Well, I just spent three hours trying to get the Weather Link software for Mac OS X working. Ever since I have had the Weather Link software for Macintosh, there have been problems with it. They continued earlier this year when after the new year began, the Weather Link software crashed. Whenever I tried to launch the software, it would crash thanks to a Java exception.

I had been going back and forth with Davis from time to time about the issue, but despite their suggestions, I have been unable to get it working. Today, I decided to try a different software package, and so far it is working well. However, this will probably mean changes to the Greg’s Weather Center web site. I do like what I see though so far. Once I get more familiar with the software, and began incorporating its features on the site, I will have a good idea if it will be a good fit.

It has been a frustrating experience because whenever it seems that I get the weather data to update regularly to the web site, or I record a good deal of climatological data, the software seems to crash, which causes gaps in the data that I collect. On top of that, the Weather Monitor II station often crashes when there’s a power hit, and I lose data that way as well. What I may ultimately do is get the Vantage Pro package. We’ll see.

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