Last Stand for the Summer Heat and Humidity?

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Three Days in Lower 90s Could Be Last of Season

There has been a lot of talk here in my blog lately about the tropics in terms of the storms that have been spinning up, or those that have the potential to. However, the theme of the Summer of 2016 has been the heat and humidity. GWC in South Plainfield has had at least 25 days of 90 degree plus temperatures. There have also been times where the humidity levels have been downright tropical.

Now that Labor Day has passed and we are now headed toward the fall equinox in a couple of weeks, temperatures usually begin to go down gradually. However, summer is attempting to make one last stand during this latter portion of the week. With Hermine now out of the way, the sun will return with a vengeance. Yesterday was a little glimpse of what to expect over the next several days.

Conditions were downright muggy across the Garden State from Little Falls in Passaic County to South Plainfield. The temperatures weren’t quite there yet, but starting on Thursday, they will. The Mercury is expected to rise up into the lower 90s, and remain there for highs through Saturday. There will be a weak cold front that will attempt to come through sometime late Thursday into Friday, but it won’t do much.

Another front is expected to arrive on Saturday night, and that will bring some relief. However, conditions will stay somewhat dry and warm until the middle of next week. The Weather Channel indicated that thunderstorms are possible on Wednesday with temperatures around 85, but then on next Thursday and Friday, a significant cool down with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s.

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