Very Little Progress Expected for Invest 92L

Posted in Tracking the Tropics at 8:37 am by gmachos

Conditions Will Be Unfavorable for Development This Week

Greg’s Weather Center and Hurricaneville are still watching the progress of Invest 92L as it treks westward through the Caribbean. Clouds, showers, and thunderstorms associated with the disturbance remain disorganized. Upper level winds are also unfavorable for development.

These conditions along with dry air will make it difficult for the disturbance to develop during the course of this week. Nevertheless, the disturbance has the potential to produce periods of heavy rainfall and gusty winds as it passes by Hispaniola and Jamaica on Tuesday and Eastern Cuba on Wednesday.

Currently, the chances of formation and development with Invest 92L is near nil over the next 48 hours, and only 10 percent over the next five days. Chances will improve when the disturbance moves into the Western Caribbean near the Yucatan later in the week.

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