GWC Weather Timeline–Friday, April 22, 2016

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Here is a weather timeline kept at GWC in South Plainfield as a cold front approached from the west on Friday.

8:30 AM–Went outside to start a time lapse video in the backyard. Winds are light. Skies are sunny, but with a combination of cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds.

10:00 AM–Checked the NWS Mount Holly office’s web site. Hazardous Weather Outlook for New Jersey indicates thunderstorms with hail and gusty winds are possible this afternoon.

11:09 AM–First check of the GWC Weather Station. After a high of 75 yesterday with humidity levels of only 39 percent, conditions are much warmer and humid this morning with a temperature of 73 degrees and a humidity of 66 percent. Barometer falling at 29.88 inches of Hg. Winds are light at 5 to 10 mph.

1:12 PM–Just came back inside after going out for a walk and run around the neighborhood. Conditions are quite muggy for this time of year. Much warmer and more humid than it has been over the past several days. Clouds are starting to build. Had areas of blue skies, but with an increasing amount of altostratus and cumulus clouds. Sky eventually became more of a milky white glow and then a bit dark. Temperature is currently up to 78 degrees with the humidity still high at 55 percent for a dew point of 60. Barometer is falling at 29.85 inches of Hg. Winds remain light. National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly indicated that isolated thunderstorms accompanied by small hail are gusty winds are possible between 3:00 PM and sunset.

2:14 PM–Just took a step outside. The sky is still evolving into a storm state. There are pockets of blue sky, but cirrus clouds are gather off to the north of GWC. Temperature now up to 79 degrees with the humidity down to only 52 percent. Barometer still falling at 29.82 inches of Hg. Winds still light.

2:25 PM–Just took a look at the latest TWC radar and the latest data from the GWC WX station. Isolated thunderstorm has popped up in Southeastern New York near Stony Point. Temperature at GWC is now up to 80 degrees. Humidity was up to 53 percent, but dropped down slightly to 51. Barometer still falling at 29.82 inches of Hg.

4:49 PM–Just stepped outside. Skies generally overcast. TWC radar indicates isolated thunderstorm near Princeton and Plainsboro along Route 1. Temperature peaked at 81 for a high today to match the high temperature for the entire year before dropping to 78. Humidity still high at 55 percent. Barometer still falling at 29.79 inches of Hg. Peak wind gust was 25 mph so far today. Winds have been relatively light though.

8:22 PM–Just came back in from being outside to finish the time lapse movie. Conditions remain dry so far although there are clouds around. Still a bit warm and humid. Winds are light.

11:33 PM–No rain at all as we head into the final minutes of the day. Skies are still somewhat overcast outside. Temperature is 68 degrees with the humidity up to 72 percent for a heat index of 69 and a dew point of 59. Barometer steady at 29.79 inches.

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