GWC Weather Timeline–Roller Coaster Weather–Part Two–April 7-April 11, 2016

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Here is another timeline of the roller coaster ride that the weather took at Greg’s Weather Center in South Plainfield from Thursday, April 7th to Monday, April 11th.

April 7, 2016

10:00 AM–Heading out to the Dentist for a checkup. Skies are cloudy. No rain yet.

11:30 AM–Leaving the dentist, and heading over to South Amboy’s Waterfront Park. Conditions still overcast with some sprinkles.

11:54 PM–Arrive at Waterfront Park in South Amboy. Skies overcast. Clouds moving very fast overhead. Winds strong at surface and upper levels. Checked the Weather Channel radar, and found that there was a moderate strength storm cell in the area.

1:30 PM–Checked my Weather Channel app on my cell phone. Got a Special Weather Statement message indicated that there was a line of storms moving eastward from the Delaware Valley region of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Jersey. Heavy rain showers and wind gusts as high as 45 mph expected. South Amboy as well as much of Middlesex County is in a dry slot right now.

1:54 PM–Checked the Weather Channel radar, line is closing in on my location in South Amboy’s Waterfront Park. Had several strong wind gusts blow through. Rain is light to moderate.

2:30 PM–Just arrived home. Have time lapse video, regular footage, and car cam footage of the weather at South Amboy’s Waterfront Park as well as during the ride home via Interstate 287 and Route 440. Skies still overcast at the house although there are some patches of blue sky. Had about 0.14 inches of rain. High temperature was 62 degrees.

8:45 PM–Just came in from a walk outside. Barometer dropped to a low of 29.33 inches earlier in the afternoon. Currently up to 29.43. Temperature down to 41 degrees. Maximum wind gust at GWC was 30 mph.

April 8, 2016

11:30 AM–Woke up about 45 minutes ago. Just went outside and decided to do a time lapse video after seeing the dark and overcast skies.

1:19 PM–Just arrived home from taking a walk and doing a run in Thomas Edison Park behind Middlesex County College. Blustery and cold outside, and the skies are overcast.

2:32 PM–Just returned from buying a sub at Jimmy John’s. Winds are sustained between 15 to 25 mph. Barometer is on the rise 29.63 inches. Temperature is at 46 degrees. Still have overcast skies outside.

3:22 PM–Checked the weather station data again. Temperature is steady at 46 degrees. It did go up to 47 for a brief time. Barometer climbing slightly at 29.65 inches of Hg. Winds are light.

5:30 PM–Stepped outside to check the time lapse video on my iPhone 5s. Skies are still mostly overcast, but there were some breaks of sunshine and blue sky. Temperature is up slightly to 47 degrees while the barometer continues to climb at 29.68 inches of Hg. Winds are light between 5 to 10 mph.

7:34 PM–Just came in from outside. Skies are clear at sunset. Temperature is down to 44 degrees. Humidity at 51%. Barometer is rising at 29.73 inches of Hg. Winds are calm.

April 9th

7:24 AM–Woke up a few minutes ago. No snow yet. Actually, it is sunny out, but there are some dark clouds off to the west.

11:00 AM–Skies are completely overcast, but there is no snow or rain yet.

12:00 PM–About to take a trip to the store. Rain has started to fall here at GWC in Central Jersey.

2:28 PM–Just returned from a walk to the bank, and the store. Temperature is at 37 degrees with the humidity at 91 percent. Winds are light. Barometric pressure is rising at 29.71 inches of Hg. Total precipitation thus far is 0.04 inches of rain.

3:44 PM–Checked the weather station data here at GWC. Temperature up slightly to 38 degrees. Humidity steady at 91 percent. Winds remain light. Barometric pressure is still rising at 29.72 inches of Hg. Total precipitation thus far is 0.06 inches of rain.

5:58 PM–Rain has stopped here at GWC in South Plainfield. Skies still overcast. Chilly. Temperature up slightly to 39 degrees. Humidity down to 88 percent. Barometer continues to rise at 29.77 inches of Hg. Total Precipitation so far is 0.07 inches.

7:15 PM–Just came in from going from another walk and drop off mail at the post office. The sun came out for a while under some milky altostratus clouds. Temperature now up to 40 degrees. Winds are starting to pick up a bit. Now between 15 to 20 mph. Humidity up to 83 degrees. Barometric pressure still rising at 29.81 inches of Hg. No new precipitation.

11:58 PM–Temperature is down to 36 degrees. Humidity is down to 58 percent. Barometer continues to go up at 30.03 inches of Hg. Winds sustained at 10 mph with gusts between 20 and 25 mph.

April 10, 2016

8:00 AM–Woke up a little while ago. Skies are sunny. Winds aren’t really strong.

11:00 AM–About to go for a walk. Checked the weather station data. Skies are still sunny. Temperature up to 40 degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph. Humidity down to 46 percent. Barometer rising at 30.32 inches of Hg.

12:26 PM–Just returned from my walk. Great day outside although it is brisk. Not a cloud around. Just blue sky and plenty of sunshine. Low temperature at GWC was 30 degrees this morning. Max wind gust was 30 mph. Right now, the temperature is up to 44 degrees. Humidity is down slightly to 43 percent. Winds are between 5 and 10 mph with gusts up to 15 mph. Barometer down slightly to 30.31 inches of Hg.

6:38 PM–Checked the weather station again at GWC. Temperature is down to 48 degrees after a high of 51 degrees earlier today. Winds are calm. Barometric pressure is steady at 30.25 after dropping from a peak of 30.33 inches of Hg earlier today.

April 11, 2016

2:45 PM–Checked the weather station, and found that the temperature was up to 64 degrees under sunny skies.

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