GWC Weather Timeline–Roller Coaster Weather at GWC–March 31–April 5th

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Here is a weather timeline put together by Greg Machos of Greg’s Weather Center to track the roller coaster weather ride that took place from March 31st to April 5th, 2016.

March 31, 2016

4:00 PM–Checked the weather station for the temperature. Temperature is at the high for the today at 73 degrees. Skies have been variable all day, but getting more cloudy. High temperature for the month was 80 degrees.

8:44 PM–Went outside to turn off the webcam, and create the time lapse video. Skies continue to get more overcast. Forecast is calling for rain to develop overnight and continue in the morning.

April 1, 2016

10:30 AM–Turned on the webcam to create a new time lapse video. Had some rain earlier. Ground is still wet. Skies are overcast.

12:00 PM–Sun comes out. Skies clearing. Front still off to the west. The Weather Channel is calling for thunderstorms later in the afternoon around 5:00 PM.

2:00 PM–Getting puffy clouds overhead. Line of storms still off to the west in Eastern Pennsylvania stretching from just west of Scranton-Wilkes Barre southward to west of Allentown and Reading. High wind watch in effect for GWC area starting Saturday night and going into Sunday.

3:54 PM–Getting more cirrus clouds overhead outside. Checked the temperature. At the high for the day at 78 degrees after a low of only 64 degrees in the morning. Forecast now calling for thunderstorms around 6:00 PM.

4:15 PM–Checked the weather station again, and the barometer is falling sharply at 29.43 inches of Hg. Temperature up to 79 degrees. More cirrus passing overhead.

5:09 PM–Checked conditions outside. Blue skies overhead, but clouds off to the north. Looked at the radar, and saw line of storms that moved into New Jersey in Warren County now progressing eastward on Interstate 80. Also detected another potent thunderstorm cell moving just to the south of Allentown, Pennsylvania. This cell is moving east, and could come close to GWC. Temperature is down to 78 degrees with the barometer holding steady at 29.43 inches of Hg. Little bit of a breeze outside.

7:05 PM–Thunderstorms moving through, but the bulk of the heavier action is to the north towards Interstate 78 and to the south towards New Brunswick. Some light rain and drizzle with some flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. Temperature has dropped to 68 degrees while the barometer has risen to 29.52 inches of Hg.

11:56 PM–Just came inside after going for a late night walk. Conditions are calm. Winds are relatively light. Skies are partly cloudy. Still quite warm for this time of day and year.

April 2, 2016

1:28 AM–Just checked the weather station out. Temperature is still warm at 61 degrees. Barometer is steady at 29.60 inches of Hg. Winds are light.

10:24 AM–Just took a look at the weather station data. No measurable rainfall yet. Checked the rain gauge outside, and it is not clogged. Barometer is rising at 29.60 inches. Temperature has fallen to 49 degrees. Winds are light. Light rain or drizzle is falling. Skies have been variably cloudy this morning.

1:25 PM–Checked conditions outside, and the latest data at the GWC WX Station. Still a bit damp outside, but no rain is falling. Skies are overcast. Temperature is 53 degrees with light winds. Barometer is falling sharply at 29.44 inches.

3:25 PM–Took a look outside. Skies are still overcast. Temperature rose to 56 degrees before dropping off to 55. Barometer continues to fall at 29.37 inches of Hg. Winds remain light.

5:00 PM–Another check of the weather outside. Skies still overcast despite some peaks of sun during the afternoon. Temperature at GWC is 55 degrees while the barometer continues to fall at 29.35 inches of Hg. Lights remain light.

6:16 PM–Sunshine is out with plenty of blue sky. Temperature holding steady at 55 degrees. Barometer has fallen a bit more to 29.33 inches of Hg. Winds remain light.

8:08 PM–Just came in from taking a late afternoon/early evening walk. Winds are still rather light if not calm. A bit chilly outside, but comfortable. Temperature right now at GWC is down to 51 degrees while the barometer has dropped a bit more to 29.32 inches of Hg.

10:45 PM–Watching the NCAA Final Four. Checked Joe Cioffi’s PIX videocast, and he indicated that the worst weather on Sunday could be between 3:00 and 8:00 AM in the morning with heavy snowfall, wind gusts up to 65 mph or even higher, and low visibility. Temperature right now is down to 50 degrees with very little in the way of winds, and the barometer continuing to fall at 29.31 inches of Hg.

11:30 PM–Barometer has now dropped to 29.27 inches of Hg.

April 3, 2016

12:42 AM–Was just outside taking some video of the thunder and lightning around GWC. Temperature has dropped to 44 degrees. Winds remain light to calm. Barometer is up slightly to 29.29 inches of Hg.

5:26 AM–Just woke up and the winds are roaring outside. Temperature is down to 37 degrees. Winds sustained at 30 mph. Barometer up to 29.41 and rising.

7:59 AM–Just finished recording some video of the windy conditions outside with the GoPro Hero 4 camera. Winds have gusted to 52 miles per hour so far today. Currently, the winds are between 25 and 45 mph. Temperature is down to 35 degrees while the barometer is rising at 29.63 inches of Hg. Skies are sunny and blue with some stray clouds.

9:30 AM–Winds continue to whip outside at GWC in South Plainfield, NJ. Just had a wind gust of 48 mph. Barometer is still rising at 29.72 inches of Hg. Temperature holding steady at 35 degrees under bright sunny skies. There is debris on the front porch, in the street in front of the house, and in the backyard.

1:24 PM–Winds are still roaring outside. Temperature up to 39 degrees under sunny skies. Barometer is rising at 29.83 inches of Hg. Winds still sustained between 20 and 30 mph.

2:12 PM–Quite a beautiful day outside if you take away the wind and chillier temperatures. Not a cloud in the sky. Only plenty of sun and deep blue sky. Had a wind gust here of 36 mph within the past 45 minutes or so. Still sustained between 20 and 25 mph. Temperature inched up to 40 degrees while the barometer is still rising at 29.84 inches of Hg.

3:43 PM–Winds starting to slacken off. Sustained between 15 and 25 mph. Barometer has risen a bit more to 29.86 inches of Hg. Temperature has risen to 42 degrees. Skies still sunny and blue. Had only 0.01 inches of measurable rainfall here at GWC in the last 24 hours.

4:45 PM–Winds continue to slacken off. Sustained between 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Barometric pressure continues to gradually rise at 29.88 inches of Hg. Temperature steady at 42 degrees.

6:41 PM–Winds have become light at about 5 to 10 mph with higher gusts. Temperature has dropped down to 41 degrees. Pressure is now at 29.93 inches of Hg and rising. Peak wind gust today was 52 mph.

9:55 PM–Skies are clear. Winds are finally calm. Temperature dropped to 37 degrees. Barometer is still rising at 30.00 inches of Hg.

11:47 PM–Did a check of the GWC WX Station. Temperature is up to 38 degrees. Winds are calm, and the barometer is steady at 30.00 inches of Hg.

April 4, 2016

10:30 AM–Just woke up. Took a look outside. Have nimbostratus clouds overhead. Street is damp. Have some drizzle. Forecast calling for rain on and off all day.

11:35 AM–Took a look at the GWC WX station. Winds are calm. Temperature up to 44 degrees. Barometer falling at 29.80 inches of Hg. Freeze warning in effect.

1:42 PM–Just stepped outside for a second. Light to moderate rain falling at GWC in South Plainfield. Only 0.03 inches of rain so far. Temperature is up to 45 degrees. Barometer has dropped to 29.77 inches of Hg. Winds are light.

4:53 PM–Checked outside. Still gloomy, chilly, and damp. So far, there has been 0.20 inches of rain here at GWC in South Plainfield, NJ. Temperature is up to 46 degrees. Barometer is steady at 29.77 inches of Hg. Winds are calm.

8:45 PM–Just came back inside after going for a walk. Rain has stopped, but the winds have picked up. Winds sustained between 15 and 20 mph.

10:23 PM–Total rainfall for today was 0.23 inches. Temperature down to 33 degrees. Winds still up between 15 to 20 mph. Barometer rising at 30.01 inches of Hg.

April 5, 2016

9:15 AM–Just got out of bed this morning. Took a look outside. Skies are clear and blue with plenty of sunshine. A bit windy and chilly though.

11:30 AM–Just took a walk at Edison Park behind Middlesex County College. Quite windy and brisk outside. Not as windy as Sunday, but colder. Not a cloud in the sky though.

12:46 PM–Arrived at North Edison Library. Checked the Weather Channel app for the latest conditions. Temperature is 42 degrees outside, but the wind chill makes it feel like 28 degrees. Skies are sunny though. Freeze Warning in effect from 10:00 PM tonight until 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning.

7:00 PM–Just came home. Checked the Weather Station data, and found that the low this morning was 24 degrees.

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