Sandy’s Remains Still Spinning

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Remnants Of Monster Storm Still Lingers Over Portions Of Canada

While much of the eastern half of the United States is trying to recover from Superstorm Sandy, the remnant low from the memorable storm is still spinning over parts of Canada.  After coming ashore near Atlantic City, the storm system traveled slowly to the west through Pennsylvania before making a turn to the north and east.  Now a remnant low, what was Sandy is still churning away over portions of Quebec and Ontario.

The storm has caused a good deal of damage in Canada while leaving two people dead there so far.  Since forming ten days ago, Sandy and her remains have impacted Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, 17 states in the United States, and Canada.  In the United States, the storm had an impact on approximately 60 million people, or one in every six Americans.  It has left some 159 people state from the Caribbean to Canada, and early damage estimates are up to $50 billion dollars for the storm.

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