Tropical Triple Play Set To Begin On Sunday In NJ

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Rains From Isaac’s Remains To Combine With Dangerous Surf From Kirk And Leslie

The nice summer weather over the past two days in New Jersey is about to come to a halt. By land, sea, and air, the Garden State will begin to be under siege from the remains of one tropical system, and long period swells from two active systems. Over the past week, Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana while Kirk became a Category Two storm and Leslie reached just below hurricane strength.

All three will have some sort of impact on New Jersey over the next few days. Weather is expected to start going downhill during the afternoon on Sunday as clouds will begin to move in from the west as the remnants of Isaac approach. Those remains will combine with a frontal boundary that will stall just to the south of the area. This will set the stage for several waves of low pressure to ride along the front and bring rain to Jersey. The inclement weather is expected to last until mid-week.

Meanwhile, at beaches along the Jersey Shore, there will be a moderate risk of rip currents and dangerous surf thanks to swells from Kirk and Leslie. The swells from Kirk are forecast to arrive on Sunday, and last into Monday. Then, Leslie’s swells will pick up from there, and linger as the storm spins in the Western Atlantic to the Northeast of the Lesser Antilles. Leslie has begun moving to the Northwest after moving West to West-Northwest the past several days.

The official NHC forecast track has Leslie moving to the north over the next three to five days, and be in the vicinity of Bermuda by Thursday. By that time, Leslie is projected to become a hurricane with 80 mile per hour winds.

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