Strong Storms Stay To South On Tuesday

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Afternoon Clouds Help Stabilize Atmosphere Over Northwest Middlesex County

Following two days of 80 plus degree weather, a cold front slowly pushed in from the west, but strong to severe storms stayed far to the south of GWC and the rest of the Northwest Middlesex County area.  Cloudiness that developed during the mid-afternoon kept temperatures down and stabilized the atmosphere just enough to prevent severe weather from occurring.  The only effect was some light rain and drizzle that came in around dinner time.

Further south, Garden State counties such as Mercer, Burlington, Monmouth, and Ocean took a much harder hit.  Storms that had fired up in Central Pennsylvania, held up through the eastern portion of the Keystone state as they brought gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour to places such as Reading, Kutztown, West Chester, Phoenixville, and Philadelphia metro before pushing into New Jersey.  Prior to that, temperatures were as high as 88 degrees in Toms River as supposed to 84 in South Plainfield on Tuesday afternoon.

Up to the north, near Pennsylvania towns such as Allentown and Scranton had a flare up of storms, but by the time they were pushing into West Jersey, they had been reduced to mere showers, and were breaking up.  Despite the dissipation, some afternoon and evening events were cancelled including the Championship Game of the Greater Middlesex Conference Baseball Tournament between St. Joseph’s and South Plainfield at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, which was postponed to Wednesday night.  Clouds lingered into Wednesday across much of Central Jersey.

Meanwhile, rain continued into Wednesday for extreme South Jersey with showers and storms hovering over towns such as Vineland, Millville, and Cape May.  Nice weather did return on Thursday with more sunshine, but temperatures remained cooler than normal with highs only getting up into the mid 60s.  GWC had a high of 65 degrees as of 1:29 PM on Thursday afternoon.  Temperatures will be warmer on Friday, but with a 30 percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms. 


Severe Weather Possible In Garden State This Afternoon

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Frontal System Moving Through Pennsylvania; Watch Issued For Portions Of Mid-Atlantic

Could be a stormy late afternoon and evening throughout much of the Garden State.  A cold front being pushed eastward by a strong northwesterly flow is pushing into a warm, humid air mass that has been responsible for temperatures and dew points being on the rise over the past several days in New Jersey.  A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has already been issued for portions of the Mid-Atlantic, and that could stretch eastward into New Jersey.

After a high of just below 80 on Sunday in South Plainfield, the mercury climbed up to 86 at GWC on Memorial Day with humidity levels also on the rise.  Today, the thermometer climbed up to 84 earlier this afternoon before some clouds moved in.  The temperature dropped a couple of degrees to 82 as of about a half an hour ago (2:30 PM EDT).  The sun is trying to make a bit of a comeback in just the past few minutes, and the temperature has gone back up a couple degrees to the day’s high of 84 (3:17 PM EDT).  Then, there is a dew point, which is at 67 degrees in South Plainfield.  The combination of heat and humidity produced a peak heat index of 88 degrees at GWC earlier Tuesday afternoon.

The past 48 hours have seen the warmest weather of the spring here in Central Jersey.  Yesterday’s highs in the mid to upper 80s were the warmest of the month.  The high of 86 on Monday at Greg’s Weather Center was the warmest of the month, and the highest temperature of the season.  The previous high for the season was back in mid-April when the mercury topped out at 83 degrees, which was the first time that had happened since the first week of October 2013.  Despite the summer like feel to the air over the past two days, high temperatures for May 2013 are still down from the previous three years, which had peak highs of over 90 degrees.

The summer like weather is going to come to an end though.  A back door cold front is slowly pushing to the east, and with it, a significant change.  High temperatures on Wednesday in New Jersey are forecast to only get into the mid 60s.  So, we are looking at about a 20 degree drop in temperature in just 24 hours.  In addition, the air will also dry out behind the front with a northwest wind ushering it in.   With all of that said, there is a clash of air masses taking shape in the Mid-Atlantic, and that is already producing strong to severe thunderstorms across a large swath of the region including much of Central Pennsylvania.  Already seeing reports of high winds and large hail along with plenty of lightning.

About an hour ago, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 9:00 AM EDT.  The area covers an area from South Central New York, through Central Pennsylvania, into Maryland, Washington D.C., Eastern West Virginia, and a good portion of Virginia down to the city of Staunton.  Storms containing 70 mile per hour winds, 1.5 inch diameter hail, and dangerous lightning are possible within the watch area.  These storms could still pack a punch as they move eastward into Eastern Pennsylvania and ultimately our area later this afternoon and this evening.  Events such as the Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament Baseball Championship scheduled for 7:30 PM tonight at TD Bank Park in Bridgewater could be in jeopardy.

If you’re planning to head out later this afternoon and this evening, keep an eye to the sky and be prepared for strong to severe thunderstorms.

GWC Time Lapse–May 24, 2014–Storm Clears Out Of South Amboy

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Here is a time lapse video of weather conditions in the late afternoon and early evening on the fourth Saturday of May 2014. On this day, some showers and storms developed around Central Jersey, and brought a little bit of rain. These storms trained from north to south from upstate New York into the Garden State during the afternoon.


GWC Weather Footage–May 10, 2014–Approaching Storms

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Here is weather video footage of cloudy skies and gusty winds ahead of approaching storms around Central Jersey on May 10, 2014. On this date, showers and storms developed across the Garden State, but stayed to the north and south of Edison, New Jersey, and only brought some sprinkles to Keyport.

GWC Time Lapse–May 10, 2014–Cloudy Sunset in Keyport

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Here is a time lapse video of weather conditions in Keyport along the Northern Jersey Shore at sunset on May 10, 2014. On this date, showers and storms developed late in the day, but the stronger storms fizzled as daylight faded. Skies were cloudy, and winds were a bit gusty from this vantage point in Northern Monmouth County.

GWC Time Lapse–May 10, 2014–Clouds Gather Near Raritan Center

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Here is a time lapse video of weather conditions in the Raritan Center section of Edison, New Jersey on the afternoon of May 10, 2014. On this date, storms developed around the region, but struck to the north and south of the area where the time lapse was done. Some clouds and gusty winds did develop, but not much in the way of rain or severe weather.


Warm and Stormy Pattern ahead for New Jersey

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Warm and Humid Air Mass Moves into Garden State on Saturday; Expected to Linger until Tuesday

Springtime in New Jersey has taken some time to take shape in 2014. By this time last year, average temperatures were a degree warmer in April and almost three degrees warmer in May. Two years ago, the maximum temperature for the month of April was just above 90 degrees. This year, there has been only one 80 degree day (April 13th), and that was the first one since the first week of October 2013.  Last year, the first 90 degree day was on May 30th. One year ago today, the mercury reached 80 degrees. There could be a repeat of that today as a warm front will be pushing into the region, and once the clouds break this afternoon, the mercury will climb to near 80 degrees.

With the increase in warmth and humidity, there is an increased risk of thunderstorms. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to move into the region this afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 PM according to the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, New Jersey. A little further to the west in Central Pennsylvania, places such as Lancaster could see strong thunderstorms with some bringing along with them microburst energy capable of producing winds between 50 and 60 miles per hour as well as small hail. Don’t know if these storms will be able to make it into New Jersey, but we’ll be watching the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center for any changes.

The increase in temperature, humidity, and storminess on Saturday will kick off a period of several days with more of a summer like feel to the weather. Temperatures will be around 80 degrees until Tuesday when another round of storms is expected to fire up across the state. A bulge of warm, humid air has been gradually moving eastward over the past several days, and it has produced heavy rains in the south including New Orleans, which had a good deal of flooding in the French Quarter thanks to thunderstorms moving through on Friday night. Further to the west, the San Antonio area of Texas saw several severe thunderstorm cells on Friday afternoon. A little bit closer to our neck of the woods, temperatures rose into the upper 70s and low 80s from Buffalo through Pittsburgh and State College in Pennsylvania down toward Washington, D.C. on Friday. All of this weather is slowly pushing to the east.

After the rains and storms on Saturday, things should clear out nicely for Mother’s Day with temperatures again around 80 degrees. Monday looks to be the warmest day of the period with highs topping out above 80, and then on Tuesday we will see things begin to cool off as another round of showers and storms move through. The rest of the week looks unsettled with showers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with temperatures coming down to around seasonable levels.


GWC Time Lapse–May 2, 2014–Storm System Clears Out

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Here is a time lapse video of a storm system clearing out of Central Jersey on the first Friday of May 2014. A storm system that brought 2.80 inches of rain to GWC in South Plainfield, finally clears out of town. The first week of the month of May would be relatively dry with the exception of 0.46 inches of rain on Thursday, May 8th.


GWC Time Lapse–May 4, 2014–Sunset at South Amboy

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Here is a time lapse video of the sunset over South Amboy’s Waterfront Park on the first Sunday night of May 2014. On this day, the weather conditions were sunny with some late day clouds, but it was cooler with a bit of a brisk wind. Temperatures only got into the low to mid 60s, or about 5 degrees cooler than it was the day before.

GWC Weather Footage–May 3, 2014–Sprinkles at Sunset

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Here is video footage of some sprinkles of rain and gusty winds at Sunset in Keyport, New Jersey on the first Saturday of May 2014. On this day, a trough of low pressure spinning of a vast low pressure area in the middle of the United States came through New Jersey, and brought some showers and even a brief thunderstorm. Temperatures topped out in the upper 60s around the state.

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