GWC Time Lapse–June 16, 2013–Storm Clouds Gather

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Here is a time lapse video of weather conditions near Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey on Sunday afternoon, June 16, 2013. Storm clouds were gathering on this afternoon as severe thunderstorms developed over the course of a few hours. Much of the severe weather went around this area though.


GWC Time Lapse–June 14, 2013–Storm Clearing Out

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Here is a time lapse video from photos taken at Monument Park in South Plainfield of departing storm system that produced a great deal of severe weather in the Mid-Atlantic on June 13th. The storm was responsible for producing 1.41 inches of rain here in town. So far this June, there has been approximately 6 inches of rain that has fallen in Northwestern Middlesex County. Over the first two weeks of the month, there have been 9 days of measurable rainfall.


Severe Storms Possible Across Garden State On Thursday

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Powerful Storm System Could Bring Gusty Winds, Hail, Lightning, and Tornadoes In Addition To Heavy Rain

Last night, I had posted to the blog about the likelihood of heavy rains through today and part of tomorrow across much, if not all, of New Jersey. After writing that post to the blog, I saw on CNN that the National Weather Service was indicating the possibility of a derecho developing in the Midwest, and traveling eastward into the Mid-Atlantic. At the time, Southern Jersey appeared to be more likely in the crosshairs of the derecho.

After looking at the National Weather Service forecast discussions and info from the Storm Prediction Center, I learned that there was more of a threat for Central Jersey including Middlesex County as well. In the least, our area was going to get gusty winds and heavy rains. This morning, the headline in today’s Star-Ledger said, “SEVERE WEATHER ALERT.” Now, it is possible that we could get some hail, dangerous lightning, and maybe even a tornado. We’ll see.

If you recall, last year almost to the day, there was a powerful derecho system that formed in the Midwest near Iowa, rambled through Chicago and the Ohio Valley, and battered the extreme southern portion of the state as well as West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. with hurricane force winds up to 81 miles per hour. For those, who do not know what a derecho is, it is a weather term for a squall line, or powerful line of storms that travel a very long distance and bring strong winds over that distance.

Derechos are often fueled by strong domes of high pressure that bring extreme heat and humidity over a part of the United States. At the time of the derecho, the Eastern portion of the U.S. was dealing with a serious heatwave. Another example of a derecho was the Labor Day Storm of 1998 that brought strong winds throughout much of the Garden State including here in Northwestern Middlesex County. The Labor Day derecho had its origins in Michigan on that warm, humid morning, and then traveled several hundred miles into the Garden State, where it brought powerful straight line winds by the mid-afternoon.

Already there have been thunderstorms moving through the area, and they have produced some rainfall. Severe weather has mostly been contained to the south in Southern Jersey from Camden County through Cumberland County, and into Ocean and Atlantic County. More could be on the way though since the storm system with a trailing cold front is still approaching the region. Be sure to pay attention to your local news outlets, NOAA Weather Radio, or the Weather Channel for updates. Also, make sure that you have batteries, flashlights, and radios available in case the power goes out.

GWC Time Lapse–June 12, 2013–Fair Weather Clouds

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Here is a time lapse video from this afternoon of fair weather cumulus and cirrus clouds drifting over Columbus Park in Piscataway. This day looks to be the best weather day of the weather. Temperatures were warm, but comfortable with a bit of a breeze. Great day for fishing, walking, jogging, or just watching the clouds like we did.


GWC Time Lapse–June 2, 2013–Clouds Build Near Raritan Center

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Here is a time lapse video of clouds building up near Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey in advance of strong thunderstorms. Most of the thunderstorms were scattered including one down the shore in Monmouth County near Neptune and Asbury Park. The front that produced these scattered storms did manage to break the first heatwave of the season.

More Rain On The Way For Jersey

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Flood Watches In Effect As Storm System Poised To Bring Another 2 To 4 inches To Garden State

For the third time in less than two weeks, a significant storm system with heavy rainfall will be making a visit to the Garden State. The nice weather that we have been experiencing on Wednesday will give way to a storm system approaching from the west, and it is expected to bring anywhere between 2 and 4 inches of rain along with gusty winds. Places in South Jersey could have severe weather including tornadoes from this upcoming storm.

The National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly has put Middlesex County as well as much of the rest of the Garden State under a Flood Watch until early Friday morning. Within the past 45 days or so, the Garden State has seen anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of rain. The previous two rain events: Tropical Storm Andrea late last week, and a low pressure system on Monday brought exactly four inches alone in Northwestern Middlesex County. On top of that, there has been some additional rain this month, and over three inches for the month of May.

Prior to that, things had been fairly dry in New Jersey. While it had been cooler than it was during the first four and a half months with more snow this year than last, the overall precipitation pattern has been quite similar to last year. A relatively wet January was followed by a mostly tranquil February despite the blizzard during the second weekend of the month, and a mostly dry March and April. However, during the month of May, things picked up just like last year, and the first half of June has almost been a carbon copy of last year.

Areas prone to flooding in Central Jersey including Manville and Bound Brook along the Raritan River as well as places along the Millstone River such as Griggstown, will have to be on guard again. The Millstone went up to major flood stage during the deluge from Tropical Storm Andrea late last week, and had been gradually receeding. Wednesday is looking like the best day or the week with the forecast indicating rain tomorrow and part of Friday. With the recent rains, there has been 17.54 inches of rain so far this year at GWC in south Plainfileld. Over 40 percent of that rain has come in the last month and a half.


GWC Slideshow–June 7, 2013–Rains from Tropical Storm Andrea

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Here is a slideshow from photos taken of the rains from Tropical Storm Andrea in early June 2013. Andrea, the first named storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season, came ashore in the Big Bend area of Florida’s Gulf Coast just to the north of Cedar Key. The storm brought 65 mile per hour winds, 4 to 6 inches of rain, and tornadoes to the Sunshine State before heading up the East Coast. Here in Northwestern Middlesex County, the storm dumped 2.73 inches of rain over a 30 hour period. Pressure dropped to 29.55 inches while winds were between 20 and 30 miles per hour.

GWC Slideshow–May 8-11, 2013–Cloudy Skies

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Here is a slideshow from photos taken of some cloudy skies in two different locations including Raritan Center and Washington Rock during the early part of May 2013.

GWC Slideshow–May 2, 2013–Journey Down County Road 539

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Here is a slideshow from photos taken during a trip that I took down County Road 539 in Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean counties. Towns that I passed through during the tour include Hightstown, Allentown, and Cream Ridge.


Andrea Says Farewell To U.S.

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What’s Left Of Post-Tropical Cyclone Exits United States

The first tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is in the books as post-tropical cyclone, Andrea departed from the United States this morning.  There has been some instability around the Central Jersey area.  The various forecasts including one from the local National Weather Service office in Mount Holly indicated a possible stray thunderstorm developing during the course of the day.  However, despite the development of some cumulus clouds, there has not been any shower or thunderstorm activity.

Looking back on Andrea, the storm did bring some gusty winds before coming through the Central Jersey area very early Saturday morning.  Winds increased to between 20 and 30 miles per hour while the barometric pressure fell to 29.55 inches of Hg, or 1001 millibars here at GWC.  There was a bit of rain during the early morning hours to round out the storm total of 2.73 inches.  Thankfully, dry air had been getting entrenched near the center of circulation, where the last batch of rain was located.  The batch came in early this morning, but only brought about another tenth of an inch.

With the storm moving very rapidly in upwards of 35 miles per hour as of Friday night, rainfall totals in Northwestern Middlesex County were not as bad as in West Jersey.  Portions of Hunterdon County received about 5 inches of rain.  Other locales around South Plainfield and Middlesex County received between 2 to 3 inches.  The storm did take down a tree in Manhattan while causing a great deal of flooding around not only the New York area, but also in Massachusetts.  Even Miami was still suffering from the rainfall it had gotten from Andrea earlier in the week.

Andrea, which fell shy of becoming a hurricane with peak winds at 65 miles per hour prior to landfall north of Cedar Key in the Big Bend area of Florida, brought a variety of severe weather including heavy rain, strong winds, and even some tornadoes.   At least 10 were spawned by the storm in Florida while a few more were unleashed in the Carolinas.  A Tornado Watch was still in effect for a good portion of the Mid-Atlantic from the Carolinas to Virginia as of Friday night.  While the storm wasn’t the classic Cape Verde storm that we are accostumed to dealing with a peak season in September, it was an important reminder that hurricane season is upon us, and it is time to get prepared if we haven’t done so already.

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