GWC Weather Footage–April 20, 2012–A Day At Spruce Run Reservoir

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Here is some footage that I took from a trip I made to Spruce Run Reservoir in mid-April 2012. Next to Round Valley in nearby Lebanon Township, Spruce Run is the nicest place that I have ever been to. Nice mountains for a backdrop to the reservoir. It was a great day to go with temperatures in the low 70s, sunny skies, and a nice breeze.


Major Storm Forecast For This Weekend Into Early Next Week

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Storm Systems To Combine For Some Much Needed Rain

Relief may be on the way for the rain starved Garden State.  With most of New Jersey under a moderate drought, and still searching for a good soaking rain this spring, the calvary is coming.

A low pressure system that is bringing showers and thunderstorms to the Gulf Coast and Florida is expected to combine with another storm system approaching from the Midwest to bring significant rainfall to the Northeast starting Saturday night, and lasting into Tuesday.

Some locales along the Appalachians and the Eastern Great Lakes such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo are actually forecast to receive significant snowfall.  When things are all said and done on Tuesday, those cities could get at least a foot of snow.  For residents throughout New Jersey, there won’t be any snow, but there will be anywhere from one to two inches of  rain with some locations getting up to three inches.

Temperatures will also drop.  After highs in the low 70s today and the mid-70s tomorrow in Newark, the mercury will fall into the low to mid 50s on Sunday, climb up to 60 on Monday, and then drop down into the mid 50s on Tuesday according to the latest Weather Channel forecast.  So far this year in Northwestern Middlesex County, there has  been less than four inches of rain, and only a little more than an inch and a half has fallen over the last two and a half months.

Late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, South Plainfield received the first measurable rainfall of the month, but it was only a trickle at 0.04 inches.  On the bright side, humidities have been on the rise as they and the dew points have climbed into the mid 40s, which has helped quell the fire risk.  However, at Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, there were still signs indicating an extreme fire risk.

The timeline for the stormy weather is expected to start late Saturday with some afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  The rain will pick up in intensity on Sunday.  As we enter the early part of next week, the rain will taper off to showers, but the winds will increase.  On Tuesday, the storm will move out, and conditions will start to improve.

GWC Weather Footage–April 19, 2012–A Day At Allaire State Park

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Here is video footage that I took from a trip I had to Allaire State Park in Southern Monmouth County in mid-April 2012. Once again, the weather was very cooperative as I trekked around the park, and took video of Mill Pond and the Allaire Village. You can view photos from this trip in the Allaire State Park album at the GWC Picture Gallery.


So Much For The Nice Weather

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Lack Of Rain Raises Concern For Drought In Jersey

If you recall earlier this spring, I had posted an article in the blog about the quiet overall weather pattern that had dominated the Garden State in recent months.  After the heavy rains of August and September that included the deluges from Hurricane Irene and the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, Mother Nature decided to ease up on New Jersey.

With the storminess and various types of severe weather had pummeled New Jersey with regularity over a span of 13 months from September 2010 to October 2011, the change was a welcome break for weary Garden State residents reeling from shoveling snow, power outages, downed trees, and flooding among other things.  However, the relief may end up being more of a curse than a blessing.

As mentioned repeatedly over the past several weeks in this blog, there hasn’t been a lot of precipitation so far this year.  Here in South Plainfield, we have only received 3.9 inches of rain through today.  The bulk of that, 2.28 inches, fell in the month of January.  There has been no measurable rainfall so far this month.  Snowfall levels this year were about 20 inches below average statewide.  If you go back even further to  October 2011, we have had only 13.75 inches of rain.  There was more rain in August 2011 alone.

Statewide, things have been a bit better, but not by much.  According to an article in Tuesday’s Star-Ledger, there has only been 6.03 inches of rain through the first three months of the year versus an average of 10.6 inches.  So far in April, there has only been a paltry statewide average of 0.3 inches versus a monthly average of 4.06 inches.  Reservoir levels are still near normal despite a 15 percent drop since February.  In short, we have gone from the wettest year on record in 2011 to the early stages of a drought in 2012.

There have  been chances of rain recently, but the atmosphere has been too dry to let that rain get to the ground.  For example, there was a chance of rain on both Wednesday and Thursday last week, but nothing much really came of that.  There were some stray showers that fell in Ocean and Monmouth County, but nothing too substantial.  There was a chance of rain today, and by the looks of the radar, it appeared to be happening, but on the ground, it has been nothing more than a few sprinkles.

The reason for the lack of rainfall has been the extremely low humidity.  If you took a look around New Jersey today, you would have seen humidity levels in the 30 to 40 percent range.  There is not enough moisture in the atmosphere for storm systems like the one that brought severe weather this past weekend to tap into.  There is hope that will change soon though.  The seven day forecast is calling for significant rainfall from Saturday night into Sunday.  Probability of precipitation for that time frame is currently running between 70 and 80 percent.

GWC Weather Footage–April 13, 2012–A Trip To Round Valley

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Here is video footage of a trip that I took to Round Valley Reservoir in Hunterdon County in mid-April 2012. I spent a couple hours at the reservoir, and took in the sights of the water, trees, hills, and even some beach! I also took some pictures from the trip that you can see at http://www.hurricaneville.com/gallery.


Mid-April Scorcher In Jersey Today

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Fire Danger On The Increase; Temps Expected To Cool Off

Ready to hit the beach?  Well, if you took this Monday off, you were in luck.  As forecasted on Friday, the temperatures gradually increased over the weekend to summer like levels on Monday.  As of this report, the mercury has peaked in South Plainfield at 90 degrees, or 90.4 degrees to be exact.  It is the warmest temperature recorded in Northwestern Middlesex County so far this year.  The previous high was on Sunday at 77.9 degrees, which surpassed the mark set during the heat wave in late March.

The record for this date at Newark Airport was 92 degrees.  According to the latest roundup from the National Weather Service, the high temperature at Newark reached only 88 degrees.  Earlier forecasts from this morning on Weatherscan and FIOS1 indicated that the high would reach 90 degrees in Newark.  So, it was actually warmer in South Plainfield than at Newark Airport.  Looking at other locations in the Garden State, New York, and Pennsylvania, the temperature was 86 in Central Park, 88 in Trenton, 86 in Philadelphia, and 88 in Somerville.  Atlantic City and Wildwood were much cooler at 81 degrees while Belmar peaked at 86 degrees.

Conditions continue to be dry.  Threats of rain have come and gone while temperatures have increased, humidities have fallen again, and winds are picking up.  What this means is that we now have an increased fire threat here in New Jersey.  Further north, in Southeastern New York, the National Weather Service office in Upton has issued a Red Flag Warning.  Currently in Northwestern Middlesex County, the relative humidity is at 32 percent with winds sustained at 2 miles per hour.  Gusts have been up to 9.  Please be careful putting out ciagrette butts, and do not cook outdoors.

South Plainfield has still not received any measurable rainfall this month according to the data collected here at GWC.  So far this year, there has only been 3.9 inches of rain, and the bulk of that fell in January (2.28 inches).  Looking at the latest forecast from the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, temperatures will eventually cool off as we head through the week, but there is no relief for this recent stretch of dry weather in the form of rainfall.  While there is a vigorous storm system in the Midwestern portion of the country producing severe weather, it has slowed down, and not expected to have the same punch.


Weekend Warm-Up On The Way For Garden State

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Fire Danger Expected To Pick Up Again As Temps Projected To Get Into The 80s

After several days of instability, clouds, and cooler weather, temperatures will begin to rebound around New Jersey on Friday, and really ramp up over the weekend. With a pesky low pressure system that had been spinning offshore in the Atlantic finally moving out, high pressure will move in, and a more westerly to southwesterly flow will develop over the next 72 hours bringing temperatures to their highest levels so far this year.

Here in Northwestern Middlesex County, the forecast is calling for a high temperature of 66 degrees on Friday. The mercury will continue to rise with a high of 72 on Saturday, 80 degrees on Sunday, 84 degrees on Monday, and 80 degrees with a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday. Saturday night has the best chance of precipitation at this point with a 40 percent possibility of showers. Speaking of the chance of rain, the overall two week outlook around the Garden State indicates that dry conditions will continue.

In response to both the increase in temperatures this weekend, and the continued dry weather around New Jersey, the National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly has advised of an increased risk of fire spread over the next several days. Winds here in Northwestern Middlesex County are expected to be between 10 and 20 miles per hour over the next few days, but that could still be enough to carry a spark that ends up in a significant fire.

As of today, the warmest it has been this year so far has been 77.4 degrees back a few weeks ago. During that time, records were threatened and even tied or surpassed in some instances. While this weekend’s warm-up is expected to bring temperatures to their warmest levels thus far this year, it is not expected to bring record highs at this point.

GWC Weather Footage–April 12, 2012–A Day At Island Beach State Park

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Here is video from a trip that I took to Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, New Jersey in mid-April 2012. I spent a couple hours at this State Park, which is also a natural wildlife refuge. The park stretches from Seaside Park in the north to Barnegat Inlet in the south. I managed to only get to the Atlantic Ocean side of the park, but the combination of clouds, waves, wind, and sand dunes made it quite a visual treasure.


GWC Weather Footage–April 11, 2012–A Day At Cheesequake Park

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Here is video of the day I had at Cheesequake State Park in Old Bridge and Matawan in Central Jersey in mid-April 2012. It was a nice day to take a trip out to the park even though it was a bit cool. Clouds built in over the course of the day as I hiked around the lake in the park, and it was a bit windy. I also took a number of pictures that you can view in the Greg’s Weather Center Picture Galley at http://www.hurricaneville.com/gallery.

GWC Weather Footage–April 6, 2012–Fine Start To Easter Weekend

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Here is weather footage of the splendid start to Easter Weekend 2012 around the Central Jersey area. I traveled around to three different parks in three different counties in the Garden State to capture video of the nice weather that graced the area. Some great nature scenes, especially at Colonial Park in Somerset.

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