Latest Heat Wave Is Finally Halted

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Rain Comes With Cooler Temperatures On Monday To End Heat And Humidity Onslaught

On Monday, the heat finally relented.  After nine days of 90 degree plus weather that peaked on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with temperatures soaring to 100 degrees or more, the heatwave was finally broken.

Temperatures and humidity levels were already on the decrease on Sunday in New Jersey as well as much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  However, on Monday, things cooled down into the 80s as clouds accompanied by some rain developed by the mid-afternoon.

No severe weather has been reported.  Just showers with a steady rain.  The heat wave started innocently on July 16 when the mercury climbed just above 90 degrees in Northwestern Middlesex County.  The heat gradually built up during the course of the next week as a dome of high pressure pushed eastward.

Finally, the hot weather spell peaked on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Temperatures on Thursday reached 99 degrees with a heat index of 116 in South Plainfield.  The mercury climbed to 104 in Newark with a heat index of 115 degrees.  Things got worse for Friday with the mercury climbing to 104 degrees in South Plainfield with a heat index of 121 degrees.

Newark was the hottest place in the entire United States on Friday with a high of 108 degrees.  New York City reached 104.  Edison, New Jersey reached 106 while North Brunswick climbed to 105.  The highest heat index in the Garden State was in Atlantic City, where it felt like 122 degrees.  Saturday, things cooled down some, but the temperature was still 99 degrees with a heat index of 110 in South Plainfield.

The heat affected some 32 different states with advisories or warnings last week.  Some 141 million people were impacted by the onslaught of tremendous heat and humidity.  Over two dozen people had succumbed to the torrid weather.  It was one of the worst heat waves in the United States in the past 15 to 20 years.  One of the most deadly was the one in 1995 that left some 700 people dead in the Chicago area alone.

Back then, heat index values were up to 125 in places such as Philadelphia.  So far this summer has been one of the hottest on record.  Here in South Plainfield, the average temperature has climbed to near 79 degrees for the month.  Since the new Vantage Pro 2 weather station had been installed in Mid-June, the average temperature has been between 77 and 79 degrees.

Don’t get too comfortable with the cooler temperatures.  Forecasts are indicating that the cool down will only be a brief reprieve from the heat.  After temperatures top out in the 80s on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the mercury is expected to inch back up into the upper 80s to low 90s on Thursday, and then stay in the 90s for the weekend into early next week.  However, we must caution you on the forecast since there are many different media outlets giving different forecasts.   


Heat Advisory Still In Effect, But Conditions Starting To Improve

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Heat Should Start To Simmer Down Tonight

Good afternoon everyone.  The weather definitely lived up to the hype as the mercury climbed into the 90s for the second straight day here in Northern Middlesex County.  Heat advisory still remains in effect for much of the Mid-Atlantic Region including Southeastern Pennsylvania, much of New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Maryland, and Southeastern New York.

However, conditions appear to be improving.  Looking at the latest weather roundup courtesy of the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, New Jersey, temperatures are generally in the upper 80s to low 90s with the exception of Newark, which is broiling at 97 degrees.  The heat index there is up to 99 degrees.  Elsewhere, heat indices are no higher than 97 degrees.

Winds are beginning to shift.  On the increase all day, the steady breeze that has developed has increased a bit, and now is coming out of a westerly, northwesterly, or northerly direction.  Went out for a couple walks so far today at work, and it is more comfortable outside than it was a few hours ago.  Skies are mostly clear over the region right now.

While there is a ball of convection rolling through the Ohio Valley, it looks like that will stay to our south as it heads eastward.  A weak cool front will be crossing the region by tonight if it hasn’t already.  By the looks and feel of things outside, it appears that the front has already pushed through.  Behind the front, high pressure is expected to move in, and give us some of the air conditioning that only mother nature can provide.

Temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 60s tonight as skies will clear out completely.  Nice day is in store for Wednesday.   Even though the temperatures will still be in the upper 80s to near 90, there will be a Northwest wind ranging from 5 to 15 miles per hour to usher in the relatively cooler, and drier air from Canada.  Weather will continue to improve with more sunny skies, and temperatures dropping into the mid 80s for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


The Garden State Bakes In Heat As Temps Soar Into 90s

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Air Quality Alert Issued For Garden State

On Monday, the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, New Jersey has received information from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that an Air Quality Alert is now in effect for the entire Garden State.

A Code Orange Air Quality Alert is in effect, and that means that air pollution concentrations within the region may become unhealthy for sensitive groups including children, people with asthma, heart disease, or other lung diseases, and the elderly.

There is also a Heat Advisory in effect for New Jersey as well.  Much of the New York City Metropolitan area will be dealing with high temperature and humidity levels on Tuesday.  The Philadelphia metro area in Southeastern Pennsylvania is also dealing with more heat and humidity.  Heat index values are expected to climb into the upper 90s to near 100 today.

Tomorrow, those levels are expected to get higher.  On Tuesday, heat indices are forecasted to climb to about 103 degrees.  Right now, the temperature at Somerville Airport is 91 degrees with a heat index of 97.  Tomorrow, the NWS forecast is calling for temperatures to soar into the upper 90s.  High temperature forecasted for South Plainfield on Tuesday is 98 degrees.

Was just outside for my lunch time walk, and it was noticeably warmer and more humid.  The sky was also more hazy.  There is a more significant breeze to make things a bit more comfortable from time to time, but it is unable to quell the unrelenting heat and humidity.  

Heat Advisory for today is in effect from Noon to 8:00 PM EDT on Tuesday.  Heat index values are expected to be their highest in Southern Jersey, Northeast Maryland, Delaware, and urbanized areas.


Slight Risk For Severe Storms In Central Jersey On Tuesday

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Severe Weather Could Be On Tap For Tuesday

With the increased heat and humidity over the next two days, there will be more and more instability.  Combined with the approaching cold front on Tuesday afternoon and evening, there is a chance that we could see severe weather.

Temperatures will be rising into the low to mid 90s on Monday and Tuesday while dew points will be gradually climbing into the upper 60s to low 70s.  A heat advisory is already  in effect for Central Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has been monitoring the track of a cold front poised to move in from Canada to cool and dry things out late Tuesday night into Wednesday.  The SPC has already placed Central Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania under a slight risk for severe storms on Tuesday.

Further north, forecasters in the NWS office in Upton, New York have also indicated that there might be severe weather in Northeastern New Jersey as well as New York City’s five boroughs on Tuesday.  This spring and summer has been a fairly active one for severe weather with a tornado in Burlington County as recent as last week.

Previous severe weather outbreaks have produced powerful thunderstorms in Warren, Sussex, and Morris County in Northern New Jersey.  Here in Middlesex County, there has mostly been rain along with some gusty winds, so residents here have been able to emerge from these severe weather outbreaks relatively unscathed.

Heat And Humidity Makes A Comeback To Start Week

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Heat Advisory In Effect For Region On Tuesday

Good afternoon.  Just took a walk outside, and it is warmer, and a bit hazier.  Fair weather cumulus clouds have developed.  May see a sea breeze kick in later to cool things down a bit.  However, the heat and humidity will be back with a vengeance on Monday and Tuesday.

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey has already issued a Heat Advisory as well as an Air Quality Alert out for portions of the Mid-Altantic.  On Monday, the mercury is expected to climb into the low 90s with heat index values in the mid to upper 90s.

Tuesday is expected to be even warmer with temperatures approaching the mid 90s for highs, and heat index values nearing 100 degrees.  The heat and humidity will be an even greater problem for urbanized areas.  High pressure that is currently in control over our region will migrate eastward and modify.  As a result, a more southerly to southwesterly flow will pump in the warm, moist air into the Garden State.

Dew points, which have been in the upper 50s to low 60s the past couple of days will be on the rise, and by Tuesday, they will be reaching the uncomfortable levels of the upper 60s to low 70s.  The heat outbreak will be short lived through as a front moves through the area late Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday evening, and by Wednesday, high pressure will be moving down from Canada to bring in relatively cooler and drier air.


GWC Storm Footage–July 8, 2011–Friday Thunderstorm

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Here is storm footage of a thunderstorm that moved through South Plainfield, New Jersey on July 8, 2011. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch had been issued earlier in the day, and the thunderstorms blossomed over much of Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey by mid-afternoon. Coming up from the Southwest, this thunderstorm cell didn’t produce much in the way of hail, lightning, or high winds, but did generate some rainfall and gusty winds.


GWC Weather Footage–July 7, 2011–Towering Cumulus Cloud

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Here is video footage of a towering cumulus cloud over Raritan Bay from Waterfront Park in South Amboy. I was driving down Route 9 and Route 35 South when I looked out the window of my car, and noticed this mammoth cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud. It was a huge cloud. I couldn’t completely capture the width of this massive cloud.


GWC Weather Footage–July 6, 2011–Clouds Gather

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Here is some video footage of weather conditions in South Plainfield on Wednesday afternoon. I had taken a step outside when I noticed the dark clouds to the south of my house in town. So, I took the video camera, and shot this video. While there were dark skies and a lot of cumulus clouds, there wasn’t much precipitation. Just a few raindrops.

GWC Time Lapse–July 3, 2011–Pre-Fourth Of July Downpours

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Here is a time lapse video of weather conditions in South Plainfield on July 3, 2011. This was the only bad day of the July 4th holiday weekend. There were a couple downpours during the day on Sunday. The ran totaled 0.92 inches for a total of 3.29 inches since my new weather station has been installed.

GWC Weather Footage–July 4, 2011–Sunset On The Fourth

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Here is some video footage of sunset on the Fourth of July in South Plainfield, New Jersey. It was quite a nice day in Northwestern Middlesex County with a fine sunset to cap the day. Overall it was a fine weekend weather wise in South Plainfield with only Sunday being a rainy day.