Latest Winter Storm Brings Mess To Central Jersey

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–On Friday, the National Weather Service upgraded what had been a Winter Weather Advisory to a Winter Storm Warning as a storm from the Great Plains and midsection of the United States zipped eastward into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The result of the latest storm system was several inches of snow mixed in with sleet, ice, and freezing rain.

The precipitation began falling in the morning between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM around Northwestern Middlesex County. Temperatures hovered between 31 and 33 degrees for much of the day as the storm transitioned from snow to sleet to freezing rain, and then just a plain cold rain. According to WCTC 1450 AM Forecasters, the storm behaved as expected, and was not a disappointment despite the much heralded warnings and closings. Many afternoon and evening events were cancelled including a full slate of games around the Greater Middlesex Conference for high school boys and girls basketball. It marked the first time in at least the nine seasons of coverage by GMC Hoops that opening night games were cancelled.

The high on Friday was 33.3 degrees, and that was reached at 10:50 AM. Earlier in the day, the temperature was 33 degrees then fell to 31.8, and 30.8 before climbing back to 31.8, and then the high for the day. The low was 27.4, and that was reached at 4:10 AM for a mean temperature of 30.4, and heating degree day units of 34.7. More of the same kind of weather is anticipated for Sunday as another storm system moves downstream from the west. Temperatures will be colder today, which will lock in place whatever leftover moisture in terms of snow and ice has been left behind.

The latest forecast from the NWS indicates that another system will bring sleet and snow to the area starting late Saturday night into Sunday. A Winter Storm Watch is already in effect for portions of Northern New Jersey including Sussex, Warren, and Morris counties. A Hazardous Weather Outlook and Special Weather Statement has been issued for portions of Middlesex County.


Winter Weather Advisory In Effect For Middlesex County

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–On Friday morning, Hurricaneville learned that a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for portions of the Central Jersey area including Middlesex County. Other parts of the area north and west including Somerset, Union, and Essex County are under a Winter Storm Warning.

According to a weather bulletin from WeatherBug, an area of low pressure was centered over Missouri, and rapidly moving to the east. The storm system is forecast to move over New Jersey as well as the rest of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast later on Friday. At 4:11 AM EST, the outer fringes of the storm system was already bringing precipitation to Southeastern Pennsylvania according to the latest radar from the Weather Channel.

The storm system will start out as snow, but as warmer air works its way in as the low pushes toward the region, the snow will change over to sleet and freezing rain. Looking at the latest forecast from the National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly, New Jersey, there is a chance of snow before 7:00 AM, and then it will be a mix of snow, sleet, and rain after that. Daytime accumulation is expected to range between 3 to 5 inches with close to another inch occurring during the night time hours for a total storm accumulation of about 4 to 6 inches.

This is not your classic Northeast winter storm since it is a Mid-Latitude Cyclone heading directly downstream from the Midwest and Great Plains. Consequently, a warm sector will develop over our area as the day progresses, which will save the region from a more significant snowfall. However, there is much more moisture for the storm system to work with this storm as supposed to the storm on Tuesday, and that will create the possibility of a greater accumulation.

Meanwhile, colder air will remain entrenched longer over Somerset, Union, and Essex counties as well as points farther north and west. Consequently, higher accumulations are expected. For example, in Somerset County, 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff can be expected with some ice while 5 to 9 inches is anticipated in portions of Essex County including Newark.

Currently in South Plainfield, the temperature is 28.3 degrees with the barometer holding steady at 30.13 inches of Hg. Winds are calm out of the West-Southwest. Hurricaneville and Greg’s Weather Center will try to continue to monitor the storm situation as it develops during the day today here in Central Jersey.


Signs Of The Season With Wintry Mix On Tuesday

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–On Tuesday, December 16th, a storm system brought a wintry mix of rain and snow to the Central Jersey area creating a Winter Weather Advisory for the region. For a period of time in the early to mid-afternoon, there was a good deal of snowflakes flying around Northwestern Middlesex County as depicted in the latest GWC Time Lapse video.

According to the data tallied by the Greg’s Weather Center WX Station in South Plainfield, New Jersey. About 0.45 inches of precipitation fell over the area on both Tuesday and Wednesday before the storm finally began to clear out on Wednesday afternoon. So far for the month of December, there has been a total of 2.58 inches of rain including 2.46 that has fallen in just the last week alone for approximately 95.3 percent of the month’s precipitation. For the year, there has been 39.29 inches of rainfall in South Plainfield.

If you want to talk about extremes, all you have to do is look at the high and low temperatures for Tuesday. Just after midnight, the mercury had soared to 60.2 degrees. However, by nearly 11 PM Tuesday evening, it had plummeted to more than half that at 29.9 degrees for a mean temperature of 45.1 resulting in 20 heating degree day units. On Monday, the thermometer climbed to 65 degrees for a high after being as low as 22 degrees some 24 to 36 hours earlier. The average mean temperature for the month has been approximately 37.7 degrees with the lowest temperature occurring a little more than a week ago on December 8th (17 degrees).

This taste of winter may have been an appetizer. The reason I say this is because there is another storm brewing that could bring another round of wintry weather to the region. The National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Middlesex County, and a Winter Storm Watch for nearby Somerset County. The forecast calls for a mostly sunny day on Thursday, but in the evening, snow will arrive, and it will continue on Friday and Friday night with a 100 percent chance of the white stuff mixing with sleet. Locales in Somerset County can expect anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow as well as a quarter of an inch of ice.

GWC Time Lapse–December 16, 2008–Battle Between Rain And Snow

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This latest time lapse photography video depicts an ongoing battle between rain and snow during the day and night of December 16, 2008. The latest bout between fall and winter brought about an inch of snow to grassy areas here in Northwestern Middlesex County, New Jersey. Enjoy.

GWC Time Lapse–December 12, 2008–Rain To Clearing Skies

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Here is another time lapse photography video. This one is from December 12, 2008, when the storm that brought the deluge to Central Jersey wrapped up, and cleared out of town. The storm brought two inches of rain to Northwestern Middlesex County. Enjoy.


Recent Rains Has South Plainfield Truck Route Reeling

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Good afternoon. As you have seen from my previous two blog posts today, there has been another major flooding event here in Central Jersey. This time two inches of rain fell in South Plainfield, which had a portion of its truck route along New Market Avenue underwater.

While an ad hoc committee has been trying to float new ideas (the first on Helen Street, which was rejected by the Department of Environmental Protection) including a new proposal to build a truck route through Hollywood Avenue, which takes it through the environmentally precious Dismal Swamp, police cars and detour signs prevailed in the area of New Market Avenue and South Clinton Avenue.

Despite the number of times in recent years that the New Market Avenue area has flooded, the town decided to have a Truck Route placed there as well as St. Nicholas Avenue, and now are trying to get a new one erected in the Dismal Swamp area. The lesson here is how the building in Central Jersey, in particular South Plainfield, and Northwestern Middlesex County have had serious consequences to its constituents. As said occasionally on this web site, whenever you build, you make changes to the flood plain, and this is what is occurring. In addition, it has created a tremendous increase in traffic.

Yet, the politicians tend to be reactive instead of pro-active on this issue. There will be more of the same things we saw in after the Nor’easter of 2007 in April and May that year for the newspapers, but once the story goes away, so will the politicians to focus on business as usual. The Green Brook Flood project is still not complete, and the towns of Bound Brook and Manville are again facing the rage of flood waters at their doorstep.

South Plainfield’s election gimmick may have gotten votes, but it is bound to cause more headaches than it solves. This latest round of flooding is just one example. It also threatens the ecosystem of the Dismal Swamp, a 660 acre environmental haven for many species of wildlife. Let’s also not forget that the Truck Route only benefits one side of the town, the South Side while the North Side still has to shoulder some of the burden in terms of truck traffic.

Progress is a great thing to have, and South Plainfield has benefited from that, but the town has built too much over a very small area compared to nearby towns Edison and Piscataway, and flooding in areas such as New Market and Woodland Avenues are an indication that this growth has put a strain on the town’s infrastructure.

Storm Brings Heavy Rains And Flooding To Central Jersey

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–The winds are still howling outside as this article is being typed up for the Hurricaneville Blogosphere. The storm that has plagued the Central Jersey area of Somerset and Middlesex counties as well as other parts of New Jersey has finally begun to push out of the area, but not before dumping a lot of rain.

The 36 hour deluge began on Wednesday as temperatures soared into the 60s for highs. Here in South Plainfield at Greg’s Weather Center for example, the mercury rose to 63.1 degrees at 2:40 PM in the afternoon on December 10th. The mean temperature was 54.3 as the low fell to only 45.4 degrees at midnight. The heating degree day units were only at 10.8, which is the lowest so far this month.

Rainfall on Wednesday was minimal to what was received on Thursday and early Friday. Amounts were only around a third of an inch. However, another half an inch to an inch and a half fell over the next 24 hours or so. As a result, South Plainfield received just over 2 inches of rain from the recent weather event, or storm as it is most commonly called. Up until Wednesday, rainfall had been pretty minimal. As a matter of fact, 94.4 percent of December’s rain to this point in Northwestern Middlesex County fell over the past three days.

The consequences of the rain have been dramatic. The swamp area nearby GWC is noticeably flooded much like it was for previous major flooding events in the area such as Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and the April Nor’easter in 2007. The newly established truck route, which was approved by the town of South Plainfield in a recent election, was put into chaos as New Market Avenue was placed under water by the recent rains.

More ominously, the latest rains struck an area that has been pummeled by flood waters time and time again. On Friday morning, a flood warning was issued for both Bound Brook and Manville as the Raritan River, which stretches from Raritan Bay through New Brunswick, and into the affected areas as well as municipalities west, has reached approximately 13.5 feet at Manville, and 27.7 feet at Bound Brook according to the National Weather Service at 9:15 AM on Friday. Since that time, the stage at Bound Brook has gone up to 29.9 feet as of 3:00 PM, which is well beyond the flood stage of 28.0 feet.

The Raritan River is expected to continue to rise over 30 feet, and may impact Main Street in Bound Brook, which floods when the flood level reaches 30.5 feet. Meanwhile, Manville’s flood stage at the Raritan is 14.0 feet, and according to the latest from the NWS, the flood level had risen to 15.3 feet as of 2:15 PM on Friday afternoon. Like at Bound Brook, the floodwaters are expected to continue rising to 15.4 feet, and impact can be felt at Dukes Parkway when the stage reaches 15 feet.

GWC Time Lapse–December 11, 2008–December Deluge Hits Central Jersey

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Good afternoon everyone. Well, here is the latest time lapse photography video from the GWC Web Cam here in South Plainfield for weather on December 11, 2008. This latest footage captures some of the deluge of rain received from a recent storm that started on Wednesday and continued into early Friday. Northwestern Middlesex County received somewhere in the range of 2 inches from the storm. Meanwhile, in nearby Somerset County, the towns of Bound Brook and Manville are once again under a flood warning for the Raritan River.


GWC Time Lapse–December 7, 2008–Some Snow Then Wind

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Here is my latest time lapse photography creation. I put together images collected by the GWC Webcam here in South Plainfield of some wintry like weather on December 7, 2008. The day started out with some snow, and then the winds kicked in to gale force. Enjoy.


GWC Time Lapse–December 4, 2008–Cold Front Begins To Push Through

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Below is a time lapse photography video courtesy of images from the Greg’s Weather Center web cam in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The images are of a nice morning sunrise giving way to a cold front beginning to move through by day’s end. Enjoy!

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