TWC’s Hurricane Hunters–A Reality Show Worth Watching

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Weather Channel Reality TV Show Focuses On Crews That Fly Into Hurricanes

Finally, a reality TV show that is actually dealing with reality! About a month or so ago, I was told by a friend of mine that the Weather Channel was going to begin broadcasting a reality TV show that dealt with the hurricane hunters, or air force reconnaissance crews that fly into tropical cyclones in both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.

While I have not been able to watch a full episode of Hurricane Hunters yet, I did play clips from some of them on my iPad about a week ago. I found the show to be very interesting. The episodes clearly show the different aspects of a typical day for a Hurricane Hunter crew member. These crews fly various types of missions including low level flights into tropical disturbances, dangerous flights into Eastern Pacific storms close to the mountains of Southern Mexico, and several flights into the major story of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Hurricane Irene.

The show does a great job of detailing the various tasks of the Hurricane Hunters as well as the different types hazards that they deal with on each mission. One episode does a great job of discussing the history of the Hurricane Hunters, which dates back to the first flights into storms in the Gulf of Mexico towards the end of World War II. I’m not a big fan of reality TV although I have grown to like American Chopper on the Discovery Channel, but Hurricane Hunters on the Weather Channel has me interested.


GWC Webcam–Storm No April Fool’s For Jersey–April 1, 2008

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Good evening everyone. Below is timelapse video photography of the weather that occurred on April Fool’s Day here in Central Jersey. The day was quite a stormy one with a soaking rains and gusty winds during much of the daylight hours, and then after a lull early in the evening, stormy conditions late thanks to a squall line that passed through the Garden State between 9:00 and 10:30 PM EDT. The squall line produced a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Morris County and portions of extreme Northern Somerset County.


How YouTube And The Weather Channel Have Changed Storm Coverage

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Good evening everyone. I recently made an update to the web site regarding Hurricane Felix, which made landfall along the Northern coast of Nicaragua early Tuesday morning, but not before it managed to re-intensify into a Category Five Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Felix had gone through an eyewall replacement cycle on Monday night, and had been degraded to a minimal, but still very powerful Category Four storm with maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour, gusts in excess of 160 miles per hour, and a minimum central pressure of 953 millibars, or 28.05 inches of Hg (Mercury). In addition, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve updated the news section with two more articles including one on Hurricane Dean, and another on Hurricane Flossie in the Eastern Pacific. Finally, I continue finishing up my reading of the book, Killer ‘Cane by Robert Mykle, and I should complete the book tonight.

However, what I wanted to talk about tonight is how the internet and video have combined not only to bring the world closer together, but also provide tremendous storm coverage from those, who are actually experiencing it head on. I’ve been looking at some of the video postings to the Weather Channel’s User Video section, and I saw a number of great postings for both recent hurricanes: Dean and Felix. The Hurricane Dean user video page at the Weather Channel had exactly 120 videos posted from all around the Caribbean and Central America including St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Belize, and Mexico. The footage I saw particularly from Jamaica was incredible. Video footage from places such as Red Hills outside of Kingston, and Clarendon, were amazing. There was also nice footage from Grand Cayman and Belize as well as great video of wave action along the coast of the Dominican Republic.

I also took a look at some of the footage from Hurricane Felix collected by TWC Weather Warriors. While much of the storm footage is not as vivid, or exciting as Dean’s was since Felix avoided many land areas during its travels through the Caribbean, it was still nice to see folks capturing the storm from such remote places as Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Grenada, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Doing this kind of stuff myself, I can truly appreciate what these people are trying to do. Although I’ve never really been caught up in severe weather such as what has transpired in the Caribbean over the past several weeks, I have captured and documented a number of storms in the New Jersey area over the past few years. Despite the fact that some of these people taking videos of storms take dangerous risks, it is a great thing to be able to capture a news story, which a major hurricane such as Dean and Felix are, and be able to provide it to the news outlets to allow viewers a more intimate look at the story from a native person’s perspective. Sometimes, the local people caught up in these maelstorms, or other news stories such as the Virginia Tech shootings know more about the situation occurring as well as the lay of the land, and can give us the true story of what’s happening.

The combination of the internet with a small video camera, cell phone, or other digital device has changed the media landscape in such a way that anyone can become a news reporter, or cameraman, and bring a major event to homes throughout the world with very little financial cost. One thing that really surprised me in terms of the Dean video is that there was no storm footage from the Yucatan when the storm struck as a Category Five, and the third strongest hurricane to make landfall ever recorded in the Atlantic. Intrigued by what I found at the Weather Channel web site, I decided to move on over to YouTube, and see if I could find more storm footage from both Dean and Felix there. My curiosity was satisifed in that there was plenty of video on Dean hitting the Yucatan including several from Chetumal and Quintana Roo were the storm made its first landfall nearby. One in particular showed footage at the height of the storm as well as photos of the aftermath.

Comparing the two sites, I thought that the footage from the Weather Channel was much better in the sense that it wasn’t from people capturing TV footage on their VCRs, and converting them into stuff to post on YouTube. TWC video coverage was all purely from individuals chasing the storm, and documenting its effects on their area. However, there was plenty more video coverage of the storm damage from the Yucatan on YouTube as supposed to the Weather Channel. Nevertheless, technology has found yet another way to bring weather to your fingertips!


Thunderstorms Roll Through Central Jersey–August 17, 2007

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Good late morning to you all. As you have been probably seeing on the home page, I’ve been keeping up to date with the latest developments surrounding Hurricane Dean since yesterday, and have added some articles in the blog about it as well as an update to both the Hurricaneville Storm Report, and Tracking the Tropics. Simultaneously, I’ve been compiling some footage of the couple waves of severe thunderstorms that rolled through the Central Jersey area on late Friday afternoon.

Starting at about 3:45 PM EDT on Friday, August 17th, a couple lines of thunderstorms moved through the area with a brief break in between before everything finally wrapped up after 6:00 PM EDT. Since I had worked on Thursday night, I slept through most of it, but did manage to hear some of the commotion. My mother told me that there was plenty of wind, rain, and thunder so it was wonderful to be able to capture some of it on the GWC Webcam. I’ve made a timelapse video of the stormy weather that lasts a little under four minutes. I’ve posted it at YouTube as well as the user video portion of the Weather Channel web site. You can view it by taking a look below:


Early Morning Rains In Central Jersey–August 9, 2007

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My last posting of the evening is one of more storm footage from the GWC Webcam. A day or so after the severe weather striking in my area, there was more disturbed weather. There was some early morning rains that struck Northwestern Middlesex County on August 9th. This particular video is again time lapsed photography of a storms that pushed out the remaining warm, moist air, and ushered in cooler, drier air that has been controlling the weather in the Metropolitan New York area since. Check out the video below courtesy of YouTube.com, and visit the user video section of the Weather Channel web site.

Time Lapse Video Of Severe Storm In Central Jersey–August 8, 2007

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Good evening everyone. As I mentioned on the home page, I’ve been busy with my job as well as the summer league season in high school basketball for my other web site, GMC Hoops. There is also another process that I’m going through in terms of my employment that I’m also done with. When that is complete, I will discuss that. Anyway, I still have put together some time lapse video of a recent storm that passed through Central Jersey.

This video has been posted to YouTube and the Weather Channel. It is time lapse photography of a severe thunderstorm that pushed through Northwestern Middlesex County, and eventually produced an EF2 Tornado in Brooklyn as well as torrential rains in Northeastern New Jersey, and New York City, which caused flooding that posed problems for the subway system there. See the video below, or view it on the Weather Channel web site.


Storm Footage Of May 20th Thunderstorm Now On YouTube And Weather.com

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Good afternoon everyone. I spent much of Saturday gearing up for the arrival of Tropical Storm Barry as well as continuing to prepare for this hurricane and severe weather season. I went out to radio shack to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio and some digital video cassettes for my Mini DV Camcorder. I’ll have some details on this trip in the blog shortly. However, I did manage to put some time in to set up a brief four minute video of storm footage from May 20th. On that day, which was exactly two weeks ago, I captured some of a late afternoon thunderstorm, and have since posted it on both YouTube and Weather.com.

You can also view a copy of the video here:



Live Footage Of Recent Severe Weather On Weather.com

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Good morning everyone. I have just posted a better copy of the video I have streaming on the web site of the severe weather that moved through New Jersey on May 16th. The user video section of the Weather Channel web site will be another location, where I will place my videos especially if I can’t post them to YouTube.com. View it now at Weather.com.